The Home Country Associations maintain responsibility for the delivery of the grassroots and Level 1 & 2 refereeing education programmes and have recently reviewed their examination and assessment process to bring it into alignment with the updated Level 3 assessment process, creating a clear referee education and progression pathway.

What are the changes to referee education

The four Home Country Associations agreed that a greater emphasis should be placed on the practical mentoring of referees in the form of personalised support. it is hoped this will enable developing new referees to determine and achieve their individual refereeing goals

Changes to the referee Level 1 and 2 examiner role

The Home Country Associations have reformulated the method of examination and education. The most visible change arising from this reformulated method is the generation of two different roles in place of the current “examiner” role.

The first role being an “instructor” role; primarily consisting of delivering seminars containing centralised – and therefore consistent – content and administering the theory exams.

The second role will be the “mentor” role focusing on the practical mentoring that we have come to learn is crucial for effective referee development. There will be significantly more “mentors” than “instructors” to reflect the emphasis placed on the mentoring aspect of education and assessment going forwards.

Home Countries Referee Instructor and Mentor Register

Referee Instructor Register

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Referee Mentor Register

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