British Fencing operates a register of referees, it is required that all referees are to be members of British Fencing (supporter level is sufficient).  If you are not yet on the register, information on how to become a registered referee can be found here

The register is published once a month. This allows competition organisers, and regions wishing to approach referees for their competitions to check their credentials and age.

Please note that referees under 18 should not referee above their age group

Referees under 18 will NOT be on the published register but will be held on the main un-published register.

The register is shown in two ways below by Names and by Regions.

Please note the following:

Level 3t indicates those who have passed the Level 3 theory assessment and are undertaking the Level 3 practical assessments to gain their full level 3 qualification.

FIE* indicates those who are no longer classed as active on the FIE register due to age or activity levels.

Please note if the membership has expired for more than 3 months, then the referee will be removed from the register, until such a time as the membership has been renewed. Please inform the referee manager of any changes to the membership status.

Please send any updates of qualifications to [email protected]

Referee Register June 2023 – Surname

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Referee Register June 2023 – Regions

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