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Ahead of the 2023 British Senior Championships  (15-16th April 2023), find out what to expect if you are attending this event, or spectating online.

Update on Entries

Following the entry period for eligible top 50 fencers and wildcards, entries re-opened for open entry for British Senior Championships (Individual Events) on Friday 24th March at 10am.

Since the re-opening, the following weapons have reached the limit of 56 fencers:

  • ME
  • WE
  • MF

A waiting list is now in operation for these events. If demand on the waiting list increases, the BF Events team will look into increasing entry limits for weapons in demand.

What to expect at 2023 British Senior Championships?

As previously announced, it is our aim to bring the British Championships experience as close as possible to the experience that our athletes get when competing abroad. With this in mind, fencers, coaches and spectators can expect the following:


The schedule is being published in advance – the draft timetable for individual events (Saturday 15th April) can be found here

Weapons Control

Weapons control will be in operation for the Individual Foil and Sabre events, focussing on conductivity testing.

The following items ONLY will be required to be presented to weapons control:

  • Foil lame
  • Foil mask bib
  • Sabre glove
  • Sabre lame
  • Sabre mask

For Foil and Epee, masks, gloves, weights and gauges will be checked on the piste by referees.

Please note that the weapons control is not intended to act as a full safety check. The primary purpose of the check is to ensure equipment meets the conductivity requirements – i.e. scoring hits are registered. However, equipment may still fail due to safety reasons.

It remains the fencer’s responsibility to ensure that personal fencing kit meets safety standards.


Weapons Control Opening Times:

Friday 14th April – 6-8pm

Saturday 15th April – 8am -1.30pm


Video Refereeing

We anticipate that video refereeing will be in place from the semi finals of individual events, which will take place on the two ‘finals’ pistes.


Call Room

Call room will be in operation from the semi finals onwards for the individual events only (Saturday 15th April).

The call room will be managed by experienced members of staff and volunteers, who have experience of running call rooms at international events and major championships.


Live Streaming

We are continuing our commitment to live streaming at BF events,

The 2023 British Senior Championships will see high quality fencing streamed on our recast platform from the semi finals onwards.

Gala finals will be streamed from 5.30pm

With an action packed schedule of back to back semi-finals and finals, we invite the fencing community to join in the action, which will start from 5.30pm either online, or at the venue.

Volunteer at this event

Looking to join our team of event staff and volunteers? There are a number of volunteering opportunities still available at this event, including part of the Field of Play Team and Media! Sign up to volunteer at this event here


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