Last Updated: 22nd March 2023


Dates: 15th – 16th April 2023

Venue: Lee Valley Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, London, N9 0AR


Saturday 15th April – Individual Events

Men’s Epee – Present on Piste 11:00 – Start Time 11:15

Men’s Foil – Present on Piste 08:45 – Start Time 09:00

Men’s Sabre – Present on Piste 12:30 – Start Time 12:45

Women’s Epee – Present on Piste 08:45 – Start Time 09:00

Women’s Foil – Present on Piste 11:00 – Start Time 11:15

Women’s Sabre- Present on Piste 13:45 – Start Time 14:00

  • Fencers must report to the referee on their piste, ready to fence, 15 mins before the scheduled start time (Present on Piste time)
  • Poules will be drawn and displayed online at 6pm the day before the competition.  Information will also be displayed at the venue.
  • Fencing can start a maximum of 10 mins before the official start time if all fencers for the competition are present at their piste.


Sunday 16th April – Team Events

Men’s Team Epee – Team Draw 09:30 – Start Time 10:00

Men’s Team  Foil – Team Draw 09:00 – Start Time 09:30

Men’s Team Sabre – Team Draw 10:00 – Start Time 10:30

Women’s Team Epee – Team Draw 09:30 – Start Time 10:00

Women’s Team Foil – Team Draw 09:00 – Start Time 09:30

Women’s Team Sabre – Team Draw 10:00 –  Start Time 10:30

Entry Process

Information on Entry Process and Timeline can be found here

Entry for the Eligible Fencers within the Top 50 has now opened.


Entry Timeline:

  • 2nd March 2023 – Entry opens (via invitation only) for those eligible fencers within the Top 50 (Individual events) and Team Events
  • 8th March 2023 – Wildcard form closes
  • 15th March 2023 – Invitations to enter sent for successful wildcard applications
  • 22nd March 2023 – Entry Closes for Individual Events (for eligible fencers within the top 50) and Team Events at 5pm
  • 24th March 2023 – Entries re-open  at 10am for open entry for individual events where the limit of 56 has not been reached on a first-come-first-serve basis. Team Event entries may reopen, removing the limit of 2 teams per club if the overall entry limit has not been reached


Individual Event Entry Fee: £95

Team Event Entry Fee: £150

Ranking Information

Information on Ranking Points can be found here

Team Events

  • This is restricted to teams from BF Affiliated clubs, strict criteria for representing the club (no ‘scratch’ teams). Limited to 2 teams per Club in each weapon. It is limited to one club member per team who is not eligible to compete for GBR (Under the eligibility criteria stated here)
  • Winning club qualifies for the European Cup – the EFC European Club Championships.


Event Welfare Officer: Liz Behnke – Contact Number: 07717740125

Eligibility and Membership Level: British Championships at Junior, Under 23 and Senior levels will be open only to those holding British Nationality, including those holding multiple nationalities, provided the fencer does not hold an FIE licence issued for a country other than Great Britain. More information on eligibility can be found here.

For the British Team Championships, each team may have a maximum of 1 fencer who does not hold British Nationality or holds an FIE licence for another federation other than British Fencing.

All fencers for both the individual and team events must hold a British Fencing Compete Membership. 

Equipment: All fencers must wear the correct kit as per British Fencing rules. This will include FIE chest protectors (m.25 4(c) ) and 800N sabre gloves (as per the rule at https://www.britishfencing.com/urgent-safety-notice-sabre-gloves/)

Masks with 2 rear safety systems are required -see further information here

Weapons control will be in place at this event 

Accreditation: Accreditation will be in place for access to the Field of Play (FoP) at the event. There will be no access to the Field of Play without an accreditation.

Deadline for applications: Tuesday 11th April at 5pm

Withdrawals: For individual events where a start time is listed, Fencers can withdraw up to 12noon the day before their competition using the online form here

Any fencer who has entered and does not present themselves to fence, except in a case of properly authenticated ‘force majeure’, will be penalised with a £250 fine with their British Fencing membership suspended until the payment of fine is received.

On the day withdrawals can be done via phone using Event team contact number which is available via Sport80

Rule Changes: The new passivity rule introduced on the 1st January 2023 by the FIE will be implemented at the event.

Refreshments: Cafe and vending machines available.

Parking: Parking is available at the venue.

Medical: SportEM will be providing medical cover for the event.

Shop: Leon Paul Stand will be at the venue throughout the weekend.

Welfare: There will be a dedicated welfare officer at the event who will be clearly visible throughout. All welfare issues that arise at the event must be reported to the welfare officer present.

Entry Fee Support Scheme: BF is mindful of the rising costs of attending fencing events and the potential barrier to participation this creates for some members of our community. As a result, BF is offering a limited number of free entries. These will be offered based on financial need, not on ability.  This scheme will cover 100% of the entry fee cost.

To apply and for further information, please complete the Entry Fee Support Scheme Application Form.

Applications for the Entry Fee Support Scheme have now closed

Volunteering: If you are interested in signing up to volunteer at this event , please complete the sign up form here

Media:  Please note there will be filming and photography including live streaming at this event for BF purposes. If you do not give photography/filming permission for yourself or your athlete, please contact [email protected] before the event

Sustainability: As part of BFs commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our sport, no single-use plastic bottles will be permitted on the field of play. We hope that the community will support efforts in this area and ensure that everyone brings re-useable bottles to the event.



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