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Bespoke online marketing imagery made available to University Clubs.

BF is pleased to invite affiliated University Fencing clubs to access a dedicated online folder for marketing assets. During recent networking group meetings, student club officers requested that BF create some generic images that are suitable for popular social media platforms. These images have been designed to help clubs promote the sport at the start of the new academic year, as many are taking part in non-physical freshers’ fairs. The images are designed for use for University clubs to promote fencing, either through targeting key audiences, new students, or fencers with previous experience.

The marketing materials are designed to interest people who may be looking for a new sport or activity as they start at University, which we know is a key time when people adopt the sport. The three folders of images are designed to appeal to different audiences depending on the club’s focus, led by insight from research conducted in 2015 about what attracted fencers to the sport. The first folder includes images that appeal to ‘creatives’ and ‘gamers’, the second highlights the social benefits of joining a club and the third is to welcome experienced fencers to their new club, giving a flexible set of assets for clubs to use for their purposes.


Whilst these assets have been created with a University audience in mind, BF will also be publishing new COVID materials, posters, and membership information packs to support all affiliated clubs.

To access the collateral, University clubs are asked to complete the online form found here.


To join the university networking group please complete the form found here.

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