18/09/2020- University Fencing

University Networking Group Update

On Friday 4th September 2020, BF hosted the second University Networking Group meeting which was attended by over 35 institutions.

A range of topics was discussed including:

  • Return to Fencing and Covid-19 guidelines
  • Understanding membership requirements
  • Initial brief of marketing materials
  • BUCS competitions such as the Series, Leagues and Knockouts – and the new formats
  • The proposed new structure for BUCS individual Championships and the qualifying events.

The Club Officers continue to show remarkable positivity about fencing as they work to adapt to the Return to Fencing guidelines. The networking group is proving to becoming a valuable resource to knowledge-share current practices and challenges, and enables  BF to understand how we can support our University clubs further. One of the key challenges that many of the clubs are facing is their previous facilities are not available for them until at least the new year. Some of the indoor spaces have been utilised to provide alternative academic spaces to facilitate lectures.

The group has also started to become a community in practice, from sharing knowledge around the format of BUCS events and rules with each other, to sharing templates for Return to Fencing or other good practices.

British Fencing see the Higher Education clubs as a key focus area to develop fencing and will continue to support the clubs where possible.

If you are interested in joining this group and are a club officer- please contact Ian Lichfield via email: [email protected]

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