COVID-19 Advice & Guidance to the Fencing Community

Last updated 24/04/2022.

Scroll down for current Home Country status, links to resources and dedicated advice pages including those for coaches and clubs. The latest COVID-19 related news items from BF will appear at the bottom of this page and on a dedicated news page here. Archived updates can be found here.

Current BF Advice:

  1. Handshaking rule still suspended
  2. Comply with all current government and venue guidelines
  3. Pre-event LFTs no longer practical but maintain personal responsibility to minimise the risk of infecting others
  4. Participants should not attend if unwell
  5. Face coverings are still recommended in all crowded areas.  Personal protection is much improved by the use of FFP2 or 3 (KN95) level masks.
  6. Organisers and participants should avoid creating crowded areas  eg result sheets at competitions.
  7. All fencing activity organisers (including clubs and competitions) must continue to have in place risk assessments which include consideration of COVID risks
  8. Increasing ventilation where possible is recommended
  9. Maintaining good hygiene is recommended, regularly sanitising hands when using shared equipment
  10. Gloves and Masks – it is recommended that same day sharing of gloves and masks is avoided where possible, and that shared masks are disinfected between use (or left for 3 days).


Current Status


From 19th July 2021:

  • There will be no restrictions on the numbers of those taking part in sessions.
  • All sports facilities will be able to open and there will be no indoor capacity caps. Venues and clubs can however, put in place restrictions for enclosed areas as part of their own guidance and risk assessments.
  • Indoor Fencing competitions can resume.
  • Sport specific guidance will still be in place to reduce the risk of transmission.

More information here.

From Jan 27th 2022, face coverings are no longer required by law. However the government suggests that you continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where you may come into contact with other people you do not normally meet. More information here.



Last updated 24.02.2022 (in line with SF)

As of 24 January all restrictions that were in place for contact sports are removed so over 18 indoor fencing can return.

Everyone is still asked to continue with public health protection measures including:

    • Face coverings: The current legal requirements to wear face coverings in some indoor settings will remain in place for some time to come. When not active coaches, referees and participants unless U12 or exempt should wear a face covering.
    • Test & Protect: The Test and Protect system will remain in place to support contact tracing. Clubs to keep maintaining good attendance records.
    • Local outbreak management: Scottish Government will retain the option of putting in place local measures and travel restrictions to manage local outbreaks. Covid Officers will need to keep informed of what is in place in their area.
    • Ventilation and hygiene: Clubs where possible to ensure training spaces are well ventilated. Clubs to continue good hygiene measure including following British Fencing’s equipment cleaning protocols and regular hand sanitising.
    • Testing: Keep testing regularly, particularly before attending a club session or competition.


Further information on other matters such as how to get your facility ready for sport and guidance for events is available on sportscotland’s website here

Please see the summary poster here.



Last updated: 01.02.2022

From 28th January 2022

  • No restrictions on numbers that can meet and attend events (COVID-passes required for large events)
  • 2 metre social distancing no longer required in offices and all public premises.
  • Face coverings still required on public transport and in most indoor public places

The full guidance can be found here:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Topic | GOV.WALES


Northern Ireland

Last updated: 23.12.2021

if you are responsible for organising exercising and sports activities you should: –

  • Carry out a risk assessment for outdoor sports events and activities where there will be more than 30 people involved;
  • Carry out a risk assessment for indoor sports where there will be more than 15 people present;
  • Encourage good hand and respiratory hygiene and provide hand sanitation stations;
  • Ensure good ventilation for indoor areas – (keeping windows and doors open when possible) –
  • Ask people to wear masks indoors (and consider the use of face coverings in some outdoor settings and when in congested areas);
  • Implement one way systems to avoid congestion in common areas;
  • Implement the COVID certification scheme where appropriate (see here)

From 2 July, the cap on outdoor gatherings was removed and the maximum number permitted (indoor & outdoor) must be determined by the risk assessment carried out for the venue.

From 5 July all gatherings, indoors and outdoors (not including domestic settings) is only be subject to a risk assessment if they have more than 15 participants for indoors, or more than 30 participants for outdoors.

Further information on the ‘Return to Sport‘ page on Sport NI.



All Nations – Risk assessments must be completed before any activity takes place. Welfare and First aid provision must be considered. Welfare Officers are still a requirement for clubs. Coaches must be on the BF Register and club members must hold BF membership. Fencing competitions (where permitted) must be licensed and follow guidelines. Any outdoor activity must have additional appropriate outdoor safety measures in place eg flooring, footwear.

(Lessons = where one fencer hits another fencer/coach on their body with a sword)



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