Membership Types

Girls fencing in the Muslim Girls Project
  • For newcomers to the sport
  • Free for 90 days
  • Upgrade to starter, recreational or compete
  • For newcomers to the sport at a recreational level
  • Under 18 – 2 years (one renewal)
  • Over 18 – 1 year (no renewal)
  • Upgrade to recreational/compete
  • Able to register and enter GB League
  • Access to BF Perks
  • Voting rights – over 18 only
  • For fencers wanting to take part in a recreational form of fencing
  • Unlimited renewals
  • Upgrade to compete
  • Register and take part in GB League
  • Access to BF Perks
  • Voting rights – over 18 only
  • For fencers wanting to Compete
  • Able to compete in unlimited BF Licensed events
  • Gain BF Ranking points at ranking events and appear on associated BF Ranking lists
  • Gain GB League points at GB League sessions and appear on associated GB League tables
  • Downgrade to recreational
  • Access to BF Perks
  • Voting rights – over 18 only
  • For volunteers, fans, supporters and parents
  • Able to volunteer in BF licensed events
  • Unlimited renewals
  • Access to BF Perks
Club Membership

Club Membership

Temporary Compete (International Visitors)

Individual Temporary
Single Event
International Visitors

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