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Updated 07.10.2021

If you do not actually participate in fencing, there is a category of membership called ‘Supporter’ which gives you the insurance benefits of public liability and personal accident. This ensures that you are personally covered for the typical volunteer activities that are undertaken in fencing (parents, armourers, referees, club welfare officers etc.) whether you perform them on behalf of yourself, your section, your region, your club or competition.

This membership category has access to online copies of the Sword but will not be entitled to vote at the BF AGM.



Supporter membership is for Volunteers, Fans, Supporters and Parents.

Benefits include reduced price training, public liability and access to specific accreditation for major events.



(3rd Party Liability & Personal Accident)

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Events Included

Volunteering at all BF Licensed Events and affiliated Club, County, Regional or Home Nation training sessions.


The Sword

Online Only


Voting Rights



Additional Notes

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Notices

The standard Membership (whether Introduction/ Support/ Starter/ Recreational/ Compete) does not include liability insurance cover if you are operating in a professional capacity – e.g. coaching or refereeing for payment.

To benefit from this, you must be on the relevant BF register with your qualifications and minimum professional standards in place to be fully covered. There may be an additional charge in some cases for this registration. For more information please contact [email protected].


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