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Updated 22.07.2022

In this section of the website we will be collating resources designed to support clubs as they create their own Return to Fencing Plans.  These resources are intended to be sufficiently generic to be adapted by clubs in accordance with local government and indoor facility operators.

If having read the guidance you have any questions please fill out this form.

If you have any views on additional resources which would be useful (or are willing to share any of your own best practice resources to the wider fencing community) please email [email protected].


UK wide Return to Fencing Plan

BF Return to Fencing Planv1.0 11th June 2020


England Return to Fencing 


Sport England FAQs



Sample Return to Fencing Survey for Club Members – one off survey designed to inform your club’s Return to Fencing plan.

Sample Pre-Session Health Survey – survey designed to be completed by participant on the day prior to each session


Risk Assessments

All Clubs must have a Club Risk Assessment in place before resuming activity and these must be reviewed regularly (in light of latest guidance) and implementation of mitigation plans monitored.

Sample Club Risk Assessment 

This document is also only one example of how risks can be documented and mitigation measures recorded, clubs can simplify or change this according to their needs. Risk assessments (Club or Session) must be retained for insurance purposes.

Clubs can also upload their Risk Assessments to the membership platform, follow the instructions here.

Please check out our video here for more guidance on Risk Assessments.

As always, we welcome feedback – what have we missed, what isn’t clear? Email [email protected] and let us know.


Session Attendance and Safety Checks

Template Safety Check Summary Sheet

Template Safety Check Descriptions

Template Attendance Register

Before starting any session the coach or COVID-19 session officer must undertake a session risk assessment which must be retained. The Safety Check Summary Sheet above is one example of how this can be recorded.



To support the planning and budgeting process of your club: Club Resource – Financial Template


Guidance Notes

BF Return to Fencing – Equipment Cleaning Protocols June 2022

Online Training Guidelines

Guide to Zoom training for coaches, written by GBR Sabre Coach Jon Salfield 

COVID-19 Club Officer Role & Responsibilities

Registering your COVID-19 Officer – Step by Step guide


Safeguarding & COVID-19

The Ann Craft trust has published a number of resources to support adults and young people at risk during this time. The resources can be found here and include:








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Core Coach Offer

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