FIE Safeguarding

“The FIE is committed to providing athletes and non-athletes, an  environment free of any form of harassment, abuse, or discrimination. Each individual, athlete or non-athlete, has the right to be treated with respect and  dignity and to be protected from all forms of harassment and abuse.”

The FIE Safeguarding Policy

The FIE Safeguarding Policy can be found in Chapter XIII of the FIE Statutes and set’s out the FIE’s position against harassment, abuse and discrimination:

It came into effect in January 2019.

All persons involved in FIE’s activity (athletes, coaches, officials,  administrators) are subject to the Policy

Anyone experiencing harassment, abuse or discrimination at an FIE event can report it here  or speak to the appointed FIE Safeguarding Officer.


FIE Safeguarding Officers

World Championships: There will be two persons, 1 male and 1 female, appointed to serve as FIE Safeguarding Officers at each World Championship,

At Open World Cups and Junior World Cups, incidents of harassment/ abuse/ neglect can be reported to the FIE Supervisor, acting as the FIE Safeguarding officer.

The FIE will designate Safeguarding Officers to other official FIE events, for example, training camps.


Reporting Safeguarding Incidents at FIE events (competitions, training etc)

Every member of the FIE Community has a responsibility to play a part in ensuring that the sport environment is free from harassment/abuse/neglect. The FIE encourages all incidents of harassment/abuse/neglect to be reported, regardless of who the offender may be.

To report a witnessed incident of harassment/abuse/neglect, the online form on the Safe Sport page of the FIE website can be used or a message can be left at [email protected], both of which will be accessible solely by one of the Safeguarding Officers.


FIE Safeguarding Procedures

Chapter 14 of the Administrative Rules of the FIE  details the procedures mentioned in the policy. Also included in the annexes:

  • Flow-chart for the FIE Safeguarding Officer at the World Championships
  • Incident report form for Safeguarding Concerns at the World Championships
  • Flow-chart for the FIE Supervisor at World Cups and Grand Prix competitions.
  • Incident report form for Safeguarding Concerns at World Cups and Grand Prix
  • Codes of conduct

For more information visit the FIE safesport page here.



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