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In preparation for the restart of competitive activity, members wishing to be listed on BF Rankings should check the validity of their membership. 

As we look ahead to restarting competitions, members are reminded to check that they must hold a valid Compete membership if they are wishing to be shown on Ranking lists when competitions can restart.

The ability to earn BF Ranking points from a competition will resume once restrictions have lifted to allow members across the UK to travel and attend events. No Ranking competitions will be licenced or take place until 21st June at the earliest, and restrictions have lifted to allow all members to compete.

A benefit of holding a BF Compete membership is that you are able to participate in BF licensed competitions and appear on associated BF Ranking lists. The new automated ranking system has a built-in membership check which will automatically remove non-members from BF Ranking lists.

If you are having trouble renewing your membership, contact us via email at [email protected]

You can find out more information about Compete Membership here.

BF will release the 2021 Ranking Scheme and associated carryover for the 2021 rankings in due course.

Note to Competition Organisers

As a reminder, all competitive ranking events and the associated BF rankings have been suspended since March 2020. If you are a competition organiser looking to run a community event prior to 21st June,  please contact [email protected] as soon as possible for a copy of the BF competition guidance. As a reminder, all events must be licensed and entries recorded on the BF platform (note there is no requirement to take event entry payments through the platform).

The planned introduction of a levy on ranking event entries, which was previously due to start in August 2020 has been suspended until August 2022.


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