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BF Rankings Restart – Carry Over for 2021 Announced

In preparation for the restart of competitive activity, BF announces the percentage carry over from 2020 rankings for new 2021 ranking lists. 

On 28th June 2021, BF will recalculate the U17 (Cadet), U20 (Junior) and Senior Ranking lists for 2021. These rankings will be formed using a % carryover of points as of March 2020 for all valid compete members as of this date.

Members are reminded to check that they hold a valid Compete membership if they are wishing to be shown on Ranking lists when competitions can restart.

Lapsed compete members as of 21sth June 2021 will not receive the carryover ranking points and will therefore begin the restart of ranking competitions at 0.

The new 2021 Cadet & Junior Ranking lists will be published by Monday 5th July 2021.

The percentage carry over for each age group will be calculated using the points as at 1st March 2020 when the season’s were cut short due to COVID as follows:

  • U17 (Cadets): 35%
  • U20 (Juniors): 30%
  • Seniors: 30%


The purpose of implementing a carryover for Juniors and Seniors was to:

  • Provide stability at the start of the season for seedings and potential selections for international events
  • Fairly recognise fencers’ previous results whilst allowing sufficient possibility for in-form fencers to achieve rankings reflective of their form (which in turn impacts selection for events).

Pre-COVID the Cadet ranking operated on a 35% carryover basis for a defined period of time – this system will remain in place as it is already appropriate to support the restart.

The ability to earn BF Ranking points from a competition will resume in continuing consultation with the Home Nations, in consideration of easing of restrictions to allow members across the UK to travel and attend events.

At present, the planned season start date 2021-22 is as followed:

  • U14, Cadet and Junior rankings – 5th July 2021
  • Senior rankings –  1st September 2021

The 2021-22 Ranking schemes will be published in due course for consultation.  In addition, BF will introduce the structured season, a competition planner outlining the key months and events throughout the season, intended to support athletes, parents, coaches and event organisers to plan the season(s) ahead.

BF will be holding two consultation Community Events to share information and answer questions on the proposed 2021-2022 Ranking Schemes on the 14th and 15th June. Sign up for the events using the links below:

2021-2022 Ranking Scheme Community Event – Monday 14th June (6pm) 

2021-2022 Ranking Scheme Community Event – Tuesday 15th June (6pm) 

If you are unable to make the sessions but would like to ask a question, please use this form. (Please note there will be a separate link for those wishing to respond formally to the consultation). The session will be repeated on both nights, if you are interested in attending, you only need to attend one of the sessions.

An FAQs page will be made available after the second session, providing a recap of the both sessions and answering key arising questions.

Please note, the anticipated publication date of the restarted BF Ranking lists and restart of ranking competitions is subject to change due to and changes to the planned government roadmap, COVID restrictions and EFC/FIE announcements.


Note to Competition Organisers

As a reminder, all competitive ranking events and the associated BF rankings have been suspended since March 2020. If you are a competition organiser looking to run a community event prior to 21st June (in England),  please contact [email protected] as soon as possible. Indoor Competitive Event Protocols can be downloaded here.

As a reminder, all events must be licensed and entries recorded on the BF platform (note there is no requirement to take event entry payments through the platform).

The planned introduction of a levy on ranking event entries, which was previously due to start in August 2020 has been suspended until August 2022.


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