Last Updated: 4th April 2024

For event organisers managing events through the BF platform (Sport80), help guides and videos are available for applying for an Event Licence and managing your event.

This page will be continue to be updated with further FAQs and help guides as become available, if you have a query that is not covered in the information below, please contact [email protected] for further information.

Sport80 Event Module Library 

The Sport80 Event Module Library includes videos giving overviews of the different processes (e.g. Applying for a Event Licence) and functions (E.g. The Event Admin Panel)

Setting up a Closed Event 

Organisers may run a closed event, this means that it is not open to all BF members. For example, County or Regional Championships which are limited to those affiliated/living in the area, or school events which are on an invite only basis.

By selecting ‘Regional Closed’ or ‘HC (Home Country) Closed’ on the event licence application form, this will mean that this event will only be available to enter for those who have selected the Region/HC on their Sport80 profile. The event will not be visible/available to enter for those outside of the area chosen.

Where closed events are via invite-only (where ‘Other Closed’ is selected on the event licence application). Steps for adding invitees can be found here

Setting up a Team Event 

Setting up a team event on the platform is very similar to individual events. Once you have selected your licensing package type, and accepted the terms and conditions, you will be asked to select an event format. Here, you select ‘Team Event’. The remainder of the event licensing application form is the same information as individual events.

When the event has been approved, in the event admin panel you are able edit in Entry Options >Team entry options the event categories (in Weapon).

In Entry Options >Team entry options > Entry Stage Options you can edit:

  • Opening and Closing Dates and Times
  • Team Restrictions (the number of participants in each team, and whether you require the user to include all team member information on entry)

Accessing the Event Admin Panel

Once an event licence has been approved by BF, the event admin panel is where organisers can access and manage the event. Steps to access the Event Admin Panel can be found here

A video overview of the Event Admin Panel features can be found here 

Adding Event Categories 

To manage the event, organisers may need to set up additional event categories/amend the pre-set categories depending on the type of event. Follow the video instructions to add categories to events here

For Example, if adding additional age categories such as U12 and U14 competitions.

Setting up Pricing Structures, Entry Limits and Age Restrictions 

In addition to setting up event categories, organisers can set early/late pricing fees, entry limits for categories and age restrictions on the platform. For steps to set up the above on the platform, click here

Sending Emails through the Event Admin Panel

Sending emails through the platform is a quick and effective way to contact entrants, and is often used by organisers to send pre-event information and updates to the event. Emails can be sent to individuals or groups of entrants at once. Watch the information video on sending emails through the platform here

You can also add information for your event to the payment confirmation email, which is sent to entrants when they complete their payment for the event. This can be done from the event admin panel by selecting:

  1. Event Info (left side bar)
  2. Payment Confirmation Emails (tab from the top)

Here, you can reiterate information such as check in times, venue directions which you may have already included on the event licencing form and additional information section.

Using the Event Check-in Feature

Organisers can use the Event Check-in feature to electronically sign in entrants when they arrive at the venue, which can help to speed up the check-in process! Find out more about the Event Check-in function here

Accessing Event Reports 

Organisers can access the Event Reports from the Event Admin Panel, for more information on the different types of reports than can be downloaded can be found here

Processing Refunds 

Organisers are able to process refunds through the event admin panel. For steps on how to process refunds, click here

A video run through on how to process refunds can be found here

FAQs on event refunds can be found here

Transferring an Entry 

Organisers are able to transfer entries of participants between events linked to the same stripe account.

For more information and a step-by-step guide, click here

Setting up a Discount Code 

Discount codes can be set up through the event admin panel to allow participants discounted entry to a competition. Examples of discount codes set up include multiple entry/weapon discounts and promotional discounts.

A video guide to creating discount codes can be found here

FAQS and a Step-by-step guide on setting up and using a discount code can be found here

Manual Alterations

As an event admin, you may sometimes need to move entries between different categories within your event. This function is called Manual Alterations.

For example, if someone has entered U12 Foil but wished to enter U12 Epee.

This function will only work within the same event, and can be used via back-end alterations (this means only the event admin can do this). Find out more here

Help and Guides for using Stripe (Sport80 Payments)

Stripe is the payment gateway when using Sport80. Organisers will need to set up a stripe account when applying for their first event licence (where entries are taken through the platform).

You will set up a username and password for the stripe dashboard. On your dashboard, you will be able to see the payments coming into the account from your entries.

Using your stripe account, you can adjust your payout schedule.

Further information for managing your online payments, including how to adjust your payout schedule can be found here (use your Sport80 log in details to access the knowledge centre)

Support Centre and help guides can be found here


Further Support

If you have a query that is not covered in the information on this page, please contact [email protected]


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