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Return to Fencing Work Group Update

Return to Fencing Workgroup agrees UK wide framework for return to community fencing.

The Return to Fencing Workgroup, met this week to agree the BF Return to Fencing Plan for community fencing. This sets out the framework for us to support our club and delivery partners to safely return to community fencing when the time is right.

The aim of this plan is to provide direction for our fencing community on what steps they should take and when, in line with Government advice to prepare, restart and rebuild their operations.

We recognise that different Home Nations will lift restrictions on sport at different rates and in different ways. And there may be restrictions re-imposed if a second ‘spike’ in cases occurs. The intention is that the  framework laid out in the plan will allow flexibility for Home Nations, clubs and individuals to access the relevant advice and tools at the right time.

The plan will be regularly reviewed by the Group and updated as more information becomes available.


Other items covered in the meeting included:

  • Home Nation Local Government Guidance – update on current situation from each Home Nation, identifying differences in Government advice and strategies which impact the support for UK wide return to fencing
  • Protocols for Re-opening of Clubs – review of draft documents and discussion of specific areas eg  club responsibilities, kit cleaning protocols, temperature testing, additional hygiene measures
  • Other Guidance, Samples, Templates – reviewed first draft of template and sample risk assessments, discussion around issuing community guidance/advice regarding ‘readiness’ to return to activity, based on some of the work being done for programme athletes



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