12/05/2020- Covid 19

BF Establishes ‘Return to Fencing’ Working Group

A BF Working Group has been set up specifically to coordinate and make recommendations on the BF Return to Fencing plan.

The group will be meeting later this week to review the guidelines issued by the Government (both UK and Home Nation) and understand the impact in relation to community fencing.

The Working Group, coordinated by the BF executive team, will consist of

  • Representatives of each of the Home Nation Bodies
  • Georgina Usher, BF CEO
  • Clare Halsted,  BF Medical Officer & member of the FIE Medical Commission
  • Johnny Davis, BF Olympic TM
  • Hannah Gavin, BF Clubs & Regions Development Officer
  • Liz Behnke, BF Equality and Safeguarding Manager

The purpose of the group will be to create detailed plans, guidelines and best practice advice for community fencing taking into account the advice issued by the Government(s). The resulting documents will be presented to the respective Boards for agreement.

As part of this work, BF has initiated a series of community consultation events with club and regional representatives, and we will be publishing a timetable later this week with additional opportunities to get involved in the conversation.

In the meantime the current easing of the restrictions does not permit any return to community fencing. Further guidelines for sport are expected to be published by the government on Wednesday.  There is likely to be some new opportunities for coaches to provide additional training within those guidelines – at all times respecting social distancing – and we will be publishing more information as and when we have it.


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