23/12/2021- Scottish Fencing

Scotland – Updated guidance from 26th December

Following the First Minister’s announcement on 21st December 2021, Scottish Fencing provides an update to guidance on fencing activities in Scotland.

(Original article posted here on Scottish Fencing’s website)

On 23rd December Scottish Fencing published revised guidance for Fencing based on the outcome of the First Minister’s update to parliament on Tuesday 21st December. The new changes come into effect from December 26th 2021 and will last for 3 weeks.

A further update is expected from Scottish Government on 11th January.
In summary (for more information please read the full article here)

  • Adult fencing – no adult indoor contact sport is permitted from the 3-week period from December 26th to January 15th (dates inclusive). This includes sparring with an adult or coaching an adult.
  • Adults ARE permitted to conduct coaching activity with an Under-18 athlete. Please do read Section 47 of the SF Guidance (link is above)

If clubs have the opportunity or flexibility to conduct activity outdoor they should conduct a risk assessment for the activity and pay particular attention to weather conditions on the day.

For more information, including an update on the Scottish Youth Championships please see the full article here.

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