13/11/2020- Scottish Fencing

Reminder of current guidance for Return to Fencing in Scotland

Following the change in Scotland to a 5 tier system, here is a reminder of the current guidance.  

(Original article posted here on Scottish Fencing’s website)

The latest guidance incorporating Scottish government levels 0-4 for local authorities is available here – the key table is Table B which is the Scottish Fencing and sportscotland interpretation of the government guidance.

The guidance does depend on what local authority you live in. If you need to check the status of your local authority enter your postcode here

Key points are:

  • All fencing (outdoor) for U18 (those aged 17 and under) including lessons and sparring can happen up to and including local authorities in Level 3
  • All fencing (outdoor) for adults (those aged 18 and over) including lessons and sparring can happen up to and including local authorities in Level 2
  • Fencing (indoor) for U18 can happen up to and including Level 3. This includes sparring and other forms of training done within the age groups although all adults are required to distance therefore no traditional lessons can happen but coaching from a distance is fine.
  • Fencing (indoor) for adults is only permitted at Level 0. From Level 1 upwards all adults not in the same household must distance as per the usual requirements (2 metres)

The Scottish Fencing staff team are still around and happy to answer queries, please do reach out to the team using [email protected] or check the Scottish Fencing contacts page for specific email addresses and phone numbers of the team.

Both Scottish Fencing and British Fencing are working hard answer questions and continue to work with stakeholders to identify opportunities for increased fencing activity to take place. Thank you to everyone for their patience so far.


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