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The purpose of announcing dates is to give athletes and BF ample time to plan training camps and travel, ultimately reducing travel costs and providing better performance opportunities at Major Championships.

Selections are based initially on meeting the qualification standard described in the selection policy. Qualification standards are based on the % finish figure* of the fencer’s performance at international competitions. Rankings are only used when more fencers have met standards than places available.

* % finish figure is the % of the fencer’s final competition placing against the number of fencers taking part in the competition.

2021 – 2022 International Results Raw Data
2022-2023 results coming soon

There are two parts to the selection process. First, fencers who meet the qualification standards will be selected. Then, if necessary, athletes who do not meet the standards will be considered after a further nominated competition.

Cadet and Junior Europeans and Worlds Selection Process.

For the Europeans, it starts at the selection point. This is when the rankings and results data are locked, the information is used in the selection, and the selection process starts.  Those fencers, up to four meeting the qualification standards, will be selected. At this point, and if the number of qualified fencers permits,  a team selection will be entered.

Further competitions may be used for discretionary selection, including teams. The process will also apply to Junior Worlds selection.

There is no cadet team competition at the Cadet World Championships; it will follow the two steps to allow fencers to meet the qualifying standard.

2023-24 Season Planning: Cadet and Junior European and World Championships Selection Points

  • The Cadet and Junior Europeans selection point is on the 8th of January 2024, with confirmation of final selection, where applicable, on the 22nd of January 2024.
  • Junior Worlds selection point: The selection process is on 22nd January, with the final selection, where applicable, on the 5th of February 2024.
  • Cadet Worlds selection point, the start of the selection process is 22nd January due to the calendar timetabling. Cadet Women’s and Men’s Sabre will have final confirmation of any extra qualified athletes on the 5th of February. 

NB: The ranking list used through the selection process is the list locked at the  initial selection points (Europeans 8th of January 2024 and the World’s 22nd of January 2024)

NB: Four FIE events (JME replacement for  Riga, JWF Havana, JWF new venue for Jena and JMF Havana) are not fully confirmed within the FIE Calendar.

Disclaimer – This news post is not the GBR Selection Document and is not intended as a replacement for that document. Athletes who wish to represent Great Britain, along with their coaches and parents, are expected to read the Selection Document rather than rely on summaries and news post contents. No selection appeals will be permitted based on the contents/interpretation of this news post.

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