07/10/2019- Selection


Following a consultation which ran from the 13th to the 29th September, no further amendments were proposed to the draft Selection Policy.

The Board approved the Senior Selection Policy:

GBR Senior Selection Policy 2019-2020 v1.0 – Approved 7th October 2019

(Changes from 2018-2019 are highlighted for ease of reference)


Consultation Notice:



In the last year of the Olympic Cycle there is no proposal to materially change the selection criteria for Senior World Cups and Grand Prix’s (2018-19 selection policy is published here).

There will be no 2020 World Championships, only the 2020 European Championships.  This will be a critical opportunity for athletes/teams going to the Olympics to gain additional ranking points and improve their seedings.

The minimum individual qualification standard for the European Championships will remain at one x L32, or two L64s at the first six Senior World Cups or Grand Prixs of the 2019-20 season.

It is proposed that the team qualification standard is lowered from L12 to L16 in the FIE Senior World Ranking at the time of selection.

In addition, as a result of a review of the 2019 European Championship selection process and outcome it was agreed to provide more clarity with regards to use of discretion in team selection, what selectors are looking for from athletes that are not able to meet the minimum qualification performance standards and what will happen if discretionary places cannot be filled/athletes turn down selection.

The minimum team participation eligibility criteria remains the same as previously published.


European Championships 2020 – Team Selection – Selection Criteria for Consultation

  1. Notwithstanding the qualifying standard for individual events, any weapon which stands in the Top 16 of the world cup team rankings after 4 World Cup team events may send a full team of four fencers to the 2020 European championships.  All other Team selections will be discretionary. To be eligible for discretionary selection a Weapon Team must have competed in at least 2 World Cup events prior to the selection cut-off date in the current season. The selection cut-off date will be no later 6 weeks before the first day of the European Championships.
  2. Discretionary decisions to send a team to the European Championships will be based on the following factors:
    – Team Performance at World Cups
    – Evidence of commitment of team members to training.
    – Current fitness/injury status of team members.
    – International performance depth of potential team members who have not met the individual qualification criteria
    – Behaviour, professional approach, team mentality and resultant impact on wider GB squad (athletes, officials etc)
  3. Athletes that have qualified for the individual event will automatically be considered for the team event. All other athletes must submit a discretionary application two weeks prior to the selection date. Athletes that have not qualified for the individual event that do not submit a discretionary application have no right to be considered for selection.
  4. Fencers who decline selection for the team event will not be permitted to fence in the individual event.
  5. Up to four fencers for each Team event will be selected by the Weapon Selection Panel and ratified by the ISMG who taking into account the following discretionary factors.
    – Medical reason/injury/illness eg an athlete returning from injury
    – A track record of performances in individual and team events at Senior World Cup and Grand Prix events, demonstrating the ability in these events to win Direct Elimination bouts and team relay bouts against a reasonable standard of international opponent.
    – Commitment to fitness and training, including detailed training plan for the weeks prior to the event
    – Team Strategy eg skills to perform a specific role within the team event
    – International Performance & Ranking Trajectory
    – Athlete Development Programme Activity (Junior/U23 progress)
    – Demonstrable commitment to BF values
    – Evidence of ability to act as a supportive squad member and have a positive impact on the team mentality and overall professional culture of the GB team.
  6. If fewer than three fencers present a credible case for team selection using the factors listed above, the selectors (with the approval of the ISMG) reserve the right not to select a team, or to defer team selection until a later date.
  7. If only three fencers present a credible case for team selection, the selectors will defer selection of a team reserve until such time that all selected fencers accept their places.
    a) Once all three fencers accept their place, a fourth fencer will be nominated by the Athlete Development Programme (ADP) as a reserve for the team event. The ADP will support the nominated athlete to ensure that they receive the maximum development benefit and are able to meet the professional behaviour standards expected of a member of the Senior team. The ADP will consider performances at 2020 Junior European and World Championships and 2020 U23 European Championships* supported by Athlete Development Programme Activity (Junior/U23 progress). If the ADP declines to nominate an athlete the selectors may select an athlete using any factors they see fit.*this will depend on the closing date of the Senior European Championships in relation to the U23 European Championship events.b) If all three fencers do not accept their team selection, a team will not be entered, however the remaining selected fencers will still be able to compete in the individuals, provided that they do not displace a qualified fencer from competing in the individual event
  8. Fencers who have not met the individual qualification standard and accept selection for the team event are also eligible to fence in the individual event provided that in doing so they do not displace a qualified fencer from competing in the individual event.


Operational Changes

Managing repeated discretionary applications covering multiple World Cup/Grand Prix competitions from athletes outside the Top 10 of the Senior ranking are creating a significant administrative burden for staff and volunteer selectors. BF is considering introducing a small administrative charge per competition for multiple and/or repeated applications.

The selectors have asked us to highlight that (as per the existing Policy, item 14) athletes awarded discretionary selection should expect to be set performance targets which must be achieved before repeated applications will be considered.



All comments to be received back via email to [email protected] by 29th September 2019 with the subject Senior Selection Consultation.


The 2020 Senior European Championships will be held in Minsk in June (dates tbc).

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