GBR Senior Selection Policies and Procedures

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How is selection done?

Selection is based on Ranking. Information on how the ranking is produced can be found here. Current Rankings are published here.

GBR Senior Selection Policy 2019-2020 v1.0 – Approved 7th October 2019

Senior Selection Dates 2019-2020 – 17.09.19

Senior Selection Dates 2019-2020 – pdf version

Senior Ranking Scheme 2019 – 2020

Senior Nominated Events – Currently all FIE Senior World Cups and Grand Prix’s are nominated for selection. Senior FIE World Cup and Grand Prix selection dates and selected athletes can be found on the respective GB weapon pages.

National Championships Participation Requirement & Exemption Form

Athletes who wish to apply for a discretionary selection must complete a form – for more details see GBR Discretionary Selection.

Who does selection?

Senior Selection is done by the individual Weapon Panels and overseen by the International Senior Management Group, members can be found here.

How do I appeal selection?

Selection Appeals

Where is selection announced – How do I know I have been selected?

How do I accept selection?

Athletes will be emailed a selection email which will have a link for them to log into their sport80 profile and accept selection.

By accepting selection an athlete is automatically bound by the GBR Policies which can be found here

Previous Seasons Documents


GBR Senior Selection Policy 2018-2019 v2.0 Approved 09.10.2018 Changes – Addition of minimum age criteria, corrections to section 3 & 4 titles.

(Previous version for reference GBR Senior Selection Policy 2018-2019 v1.0 Approved 20.09.2018)

Senior Selection Dates – 11.09.18



GBR Senior Ranking Scheme 2017-2018 – 01.09.17

GBR Senior Selection Policy 2017-18 – 04.09.17

Senior Selection Dates – 04.09.17

GBR Senior Ranking Publication Dates 2017-18 – 31.08.17

GBR Senior Selection Policy 2017-18 Updates:
11/09/2017 Athletes must be 16 or over at the date of the competition to be eligible for selection for Senior World Cups or Grand Prix. Application: all relevant selections after 11/09/2017.

27/03/2018 Update approved by Board. Definition of WSP changed to:
Weapon Selection Panel (WSP) means a panel of a minimum of three selectors, typically including and chaired by a Weapon Manager.  Selectors must not be coaches of athletes seeking selection.  There will be three Weapon Selection Panels in total (Foil, Epee and Sabre).  A Talent Pathway Coach for that weapon may be nominated by the Talent Programme to sit on the WSP in an advisory capacity to the Selectors.  Selectors may seek additional input from any athlete or coach if they deem it necessary to make selection decisions.


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