03/09/2021- Coach

Shortage of Referees For this weekend’s Men’s ‘A’ BRC Event

Shortage of referees for this weekend’s BRC event could mean self refereeing for foil and sabre or cancelling repechage.

This weekend will see the first of three upcoming BF Cadet and Junior Events, over three consecutive weekends. For each event to take place we are reliant on volunteers from the community to referee.

We are currently facing a situation ahead of this weekend’s Men’s Cadet and Junior ‘A’ BRC event where we do not have enough referees for both foil and sabre. We are continuing to reach out to the community to try and recruit more volunteers but as the situation currently stands, we will have to make a difficult decision to either self-referee or cancel the repechage. If you are a fencer and no longer want to attend due to the possibility of the repechage not taking place, please email [email protected] to withdraw from the competition and we will provide you with a full refund.

We will make this decision later today, but we hope that by asking the fencing community to help, we will be able to recruit more referees to make this first event back a success.

If you are available to referee, please let us know ASAP by completing this form. If you are available to referee all day or on both days for the entirety of the event, you will therefore be entitled to claim volunteer expenses.

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