Updated 06.10.2023


On this page;

  • Editing your personal details (other than email or region)
  • Setting up an auto-renewal
  • Managing multiple accounts
  • Checking if a payment was successful
  • Setting up a club account


Edit your personal details (other than email or region)

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the menu button (top right of the screen)
  3. Select ‘Profile’ from the drop-down menu
  4. Navigate through the form by using the ‘Next’ & ‘Prev’ buttons
  5. When you have completed making your edits, click ‘Save’.

*NOTE* – If you change your email address you will need to use the new email address to log in.


Set-up an auto-renewal

  1. Log into the BF Sport 80 platform
  2. Once logged in, click on ‘Edit’
  3. The membership box will come up.

If your membership has lapsed:

  • Click on auto-renewal (should already be ticked)
  • Click on the ‘Add and Check-out’ button
  • Add your new payment card details and submit

If your membership is still valid:

  • Click on the ‘Start Auto-Renewal’ button
  • Enter the card details
  • Click on ‘Setup Auto-Renewal’

Please note that it is your responsibility to cancel your auto-renewal through the system if you don’t want to renew.  If you don’t cancel your auto-renewal you will be charged and this will not be refundable. Please read the terms and conditions provided as part of the set-up process.


Manage multiple accounts

This is useful if you have multiple accounts for children that you wish to manage from one email address

  1. From the homepage click ‘My Athletes’
  2. Click ‘Add new’ – here you can add either an existing member or create a new profile

An existing athlete

  • Click ‘Add new’
  • Click ‘An Existing Athlete’
  • Click ‘Add Manually’
  • Select the ‘Membership Type’
  • Fill in the information on screen
  • Select the access you require
  • Click ‘Submit’

A new athlete

  • Click ‘Add new’
  • Click ‘A New Athlete’
  • Fill in the form and follow the steps on screen


Check if a payment was successful

There are 2 ways to check if your payment has gone through:

  1. Whenever you make a payment through the Platform you will receive an email to confirm that the order has been processed.
  2. Click on ‘Purchase history’ in the main left-hand menu on the homepage. Once you are on the purchases screen, use the white drop down list (located on the right) to select the date your payment was made.

If you receive an email notifying you that your payment has been unable to be processed – click the link in the email and follow the instructions. This is part of sport80’s new extra banking checks.


Set up a club

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on ‘Setup Club’ on the homepage menu
  3. Complete the form
  4. Click on ‘Add’

You have now created a new club. You will now be automatically switch between your profile and the club’s profile by clicking the icon in the top left corner. Next you need to complete the BF Club membership;

  1. On the Club’s profile click on ‘Memberships’ and follow prompts to complete the form
  2. Complete the membership purchase by clicking on the basket and continuing through the checkout process.


For other tasks please see out Member Support Page here.


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