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In episode three of TAP Speaks: with British Fencing, Ben Peggs talks about being a mentor and the benefits of exploring and staying true to our “core values”.

Episode 3 is now available on BF TV

In this episode, Ben talks about his experience as a mentor,  “I was skeptical at first because I was worried about how I’d be able to give as much as I could to The True Athlete Project, but it’s been something that’s been very manageable which for me is important because if you’re going to do something, I’d like to do it right and I felt like I could manage this alongside my other commitments and being busy.”

“What’s been really lovely about it is that I feel like I’ve learnt as much about myself as I think I have about the person I’m mentoring, so I’ve really enjoyed the whole process, and having not only the conversation with my mentee but having the mirror reversed a little bit and also making me ask the questions of myself.”

On core values, Ben goes on to share his discovery of a new way to appreciate his own values and standards,  “When I found out what my core values were, I suddenly felt like I was being more true to myself. When you’re growing up I found it was quite easy to follow a lot of the time and sometimes make compromises on things you weren’t really too sure about purely because you felt that was the right thing to do, because of people you were around or the people you were with or people you were trying to look up to or impress. […] I’m a much happier person when I live by my own values and my own standards.”   

TAP Speaks: with British Fencing is a series of eight videos exploring elements of the collaboration between BF and The True Athlete Project. Each week we will be sharing an episode from the series.

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