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In episode six of TAP Speaks: Harry Gray shares how it felt to be a mentee on the TAP-British Fencing mentoring programme.

Episode 6 is now available on BF TV

In this episode, Harry talks about the way the mentoring programme has helped him, “It’s not just the exercises and various things we did, but also just the communication in general, the chemistry we worked up, our understanding of one another, just helped in life generally.”  

He also shares how he has learned to recognise opportunities to help others, “It really puts a different spin on helping one another, because things just come up and you realise oh hang on, I might actually be able to help with that, or the other person realises the same and you can both help each other out an awful lot with things that neither of you expected in the beginning.

“I don’t know how you guys did it but it’s definitely worked, and it’s been very very effective, in my opinion.” Harry Gray, Mentee.

TAP Speaks: with British Fencing is a series of eight videos exploring elements of the collaboration between BF and The True Athlete Project. Each week we will be sharing an episode from the series.

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