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In episode two of TAP Speaks: with British Fencing, Kat Smith-Taylor opens up about her own mental health, the benefits of gratitude practices, and how she has tried to use her experiences to help her mentee.

Episode 2 is now available on BF TV*

*Please note this video references potentially triggering topics. If you need to talk about issues from the video, there are links to helplines at the end. You can also find information to support you on BF’s Are You OK? page here.

In this episode, Kat Smith-Taylor speaks about her experiences as a mentor and how she connected with her mentee through the programme.

“Sometimes we just chatted for hours about books, it wasn’t even necessarily always about her athletic career but it was just trying to connect on that level where she could feel like she could come to me with almost anything.”  

Kat also opens up about her mental health and her decision to approach a counsellor,  “I saw a counsellor who was specialising in the trauma that I went through, and you know what, it was the best thing I ever did.”    

TAP Speaks: with British Fencing is a series of eight videos exploring elements of the collaboration between BF and The True Athlete Project. Each week we will be sharing an episode from the series.

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