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In episode seven of TAP Speaks: Keith Cook talks about creative ways of learning mindfulness and cultivating presence on the piste.

Keith tells us about how the opportunity to be a mentor within the TAP/BF programme has helped him and his mentee, “I’ve been an athlete mentor for about five years now and it’s usually with groups so this was a fantastic opportunity for both of us to develop and learn.”   

Episode 7 is now available on BF TV

Keith also speaks about the benefits of mindfulness, “I’ve experienced mindfulness sessions with The True Athlete Project through lots of different means […] It’s being able to understand about paying attention to the present moment […] Don’t dwell on the past, don’t think of the future, concentrate on the moment at hand.”

“It’s natural for your mind to be going here, there and everywhere, but it’s being able to then bring it back to the present moment” 

TAP Speaks: with British Fencing is a series of eight videos exploring elements of the collaboration between BF and The True Athlete Project. Each week we will be sharing an episode from the series.

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