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What is Core Coach?

Core Coaches play an important role in grassroots sports, offering many participants their very first contact with fencing, normally through schools or activity providers. The British Fencing Core Coach course is the exciting first step in a coach’s qualification journey. At this stage, the coach is prepared to plan and deliver a participant-centred, recreational taster session. This course is exclusively delivered in a closed format and is designed for organisations wanting to train designated individuals within their staff. You can book a one-off course, according to your demand, or through the British Fencing Licensed Partner Programme.

What is the content of the course?

Participants on the course will be introduced to several aspects of fencing and coaching techniques and will leave prepared to deliver a 1-hour taster session and a 6-hour pre-planned taster programme. The content of the Core Coach course includes notions of fencing and wheelchair fencing, the game etiquette, an introduction to the rules for the three different weapons (with emphasis on foil), ethics, coaching principles, games to engage young participants in fencing and more. The content includes 12 games from the course manual to use immediately and access to a Games App, to be launched in 2019.

Who can participate in the Core Coach course?

The British Fencing Core Coach course has been designed for organisations within the sport, recreation and educational sectors wanting to train their staff in the sport of fencing. It is delivered as a closed course for staff members only, most participants being teachers or activity leaders in activity providers centres.

Do I need to be a fencer to participate?

No previous experience in fencing is needed to become a Core Coach. The course will provide the necessary skills and knowledge of the sport to guide and inspire children, who primarily want to have a good time while playing sports. As a Core Coach in fencing, your role is to show how fencing with friends can be as fun as any other sport.

Do I need to be a teacher/ coach?

You don’t need to be a teacher to become a Core Coach in fencing. However, good teaching skills are part of what makes a good coach, and this is why some of the course is dedicated to developing these skills. For this reason, British Fencing offers two versions of the same course; a shortened version for teachers and coaches, and an extended version for candidates without a teaching or coaching background, with a significant part of the schedule dedicated to improving teaching skills.

Is material provided?

Course manuals are provided and included in the price. Fencing equipment needed for the course (either plastic or metal) is not included but can be hired from British Fencing. If you are interested in buying equipment, for or after the course, we offer partner affiliates and new customers significant discounts on the purchase of equipment from Leon Paul, the Official National Supplier of Fencing Equipment. For any enquiries and orders, please contact [email protected]

What is the duration of the course?

The 2-day version of the course is aimed at participants without a professional background in coaching education. This means more time will be spent on teaching methods and techniques to handle participants in a learning setting. The 1-day version is aimed at professionals from the educational sector who already have training and experience in teaching, and participants that already hold at least a Level 2 coaching qualification in another sport. The course is normally run from 9:00 to 17:00 each day, with a break for lunch. Although starting and finishing hours can be adjusted, it is important to maintain this number of hours to assure the quality of the training session and practice time.

How much does the course cost?

Please, click here to see prices for the 1 day and 2 days versions of Core Coach

Where does the course take place?

You will need to provide a space with the approximate dimensions of a badminton court. You will also need a facility for the theoretical part of the course, with seats for the participants and equipment for a PowerPoint presentation.

How many people can participate?

To guarantee the quality and safety of the course, we limit the number of participants to 12. If demand exceeds 12, it will be necessary to book another course – either on the same day(s) by adding a second coach developer or on a different date.

Who delivers the Core Coach course?

British Fencing provides experienced fencing coach developers with vast knowledge in the sport and remarkable skills to deliver the Core Coach courses. Feedback from former participants has been highly positive, and a large part of the success of our Core Coach programme is due to the quality of our coach developers and the learning atmosphere they create.

How long is this qualification valid for? Do I need to renew it?

Once you meet the minimum requirements to pass the course, you will be acknowledged by British Fencing as a qualified Core Coach in Fencing. There is no expiry date and no need to renew your qualification. However, you may be asked by your employer to meet specific standards (at their discretion and not in relation to British Fencing).

Where is the qualification valid?

Your qualification is valid within the regions under the scope of British Fencing’s activities – England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Guernsey and Jersey.

If you obtained your qualification with one of our licensed partners, your right to work as a Core Coach is limited to their operations, and you will not be considered qualified to coach outside their framework. To do so, you’re required to take an online conversion course that will enable you to use your qualification outside the organisation you obtained it from.

What happens after Core Coach?

We hope you discover a new and exciting interest in fencing and wish to develop further on your Coach’s journey. The Core Coach qualification connects you to the British Fencing Coaching Framework.  You can then progress to the Introduction to Coaching Fencing (ITCF), Coaching Fencing level 2 (CFL2), and Weapon Specific Level 3 (WS3) courses. By deepening your knowledge in the sport and developing your fencing coaching skills, you’ll be able to deliver group and individual sessions for more experienced fencers.

How do I book?

Please send an email to Marjorie Kuhne for bookings and enquiries. Alternatively, please complete this expression of interest form.



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