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If you are planning to travel on Eurostar with fencing equipment (including fencing swords) on board as luggage, please complete a form.

Back in July, BF received confirmation from Eurostar that fencers can take fencing equipment (including fencing swords) on board as luggage provided it is carried in a protective case. (See news post here)

Our members (and international fencers visiting the UK) are occasionally still experiencing issues with local security teams and we have been in touch with Eurostar in an effort to try and resolve them.

Therefore, in addition to the previously published advice we are asking fencers to provide advance notice of travel bookings via British Fencing to Eurostar using this form here.

In summary our advice is:

  1. Always describe your luggage as ‘Fencing Equipment’ to assist the Eurostar team in referencing the correct internal guidelines and policies. Do not refer to your fencing equipment as ‘Swords’ or ‘Weapons’
  2. Always pack your fencing equipment into fencing bags/protective cases – do not use small single weapon bags.
  3. Prior to travel (at least 3 working days, but ideally as soon as you make your booking) complete this form here so BF can notify Eurostar of your intention to travel with fencing equipment.
  4. Take with you a copy of the Eurostar communications (downloaded by clicking here)

Please note that you may or may not get confirmation from Eurostar that your information has been received, but the Eurostar staff will do the best they can to alert security teams so they can expect you.

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