University Bursaries & Scholarships

I qualified for a sports scholarship which paid for my training fees, which at Leicester was around a £200 gym membership and £30 for club fees
- Timothy Devenport

Many universities offer a variety of bursaries and scholarships for students that have demonstrated competitive success in their sport.

If you are a competitive fencer, it is worth doing some research into what bursary/scholarship opportunities there might be at your chosen universities. Each university has different offers available, a scholarship may cover a gym membership, or could include strength and conditioning support, nutritionist and sometimes financial aid.

The level of support offered may vary dependant on what level a fencer is competing at. A European or World level fencer may receive more than a county or regional fencer. Taking the time to research and compare bursary and scholarship offers from different universities could very beneficial.

Bursaries are usually awarded to students based on their personal circumstances, or if they come from a low-income family. Bursaries can help students who may face more barriers to attending full-time education, enabling them to access university.

University scholarships usually reward students who are outstanding in their subject, sport or music. They generally (but not always) need to be applied for, and are often competitive.

However, the two terms can be used interchangeably and each university has its own terminology. Please check with your prospective universities for exact terminology.


My uni had a Team Performance Programme. This involves free, tailored gym sessions with personal trainers, partial reimbursement of international competitions, and written support from the Union when applying for extenuating circumstances with regards to missed degree work or assessments.

– James Craze



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