04/10/2022- University Fencing

Voluntary Role: University Fencing Officer (UFO)

University Fencing Officers are students trained by BF to create fun and engaging sessions for new fencers, as well as welcoming club environments. Below are more details of what the role includes…

Responsible to: British Fencing, Participation Programme Manager (HE), University Contact

Role: To lead and coordinate the development of new swordplay opportunities at the host university to encourage new participants into fencing, ensuring an attractive and high-quality experience for all. The focus of this role is to develop an appealing opportunity for students, attracting them to fencing through swordplay, including Sabre:Lite – an introductory experience to fencing based on the principles of sabre.


Key Tasks
  • Establish weekly, Swordplay sessions which will encourage participation – working with a combination of staff from key target departments (e.g., Creative Arts), Students’ Union, University Athletic Union and Sports Development Team.
  • Promote and advertise Swordplay Fencing sessions particularly to students enrolled on creative courses and/or interested in gaming.
  • Use the British Fencing Online Portal to record weekly session attendance.
  • Use social media to raise the profile of host institution, fencing activity, and the UFO Programme.
  • Participate in a two day UFO training course and engage with networking opportunities.


Key Relationships and Support
  • British Fencing: Workforce Development Officer – Lorraine Rose.
  • British Fencing: Projects and Programme Manager – Education – Ian Lichfield.
  • Host Institution: University Fencing Club, Athletic Union and/or Sport. Development staff, Creative department staff, related university societies e.g., gaming, live action roleplay, historical re-enactment.


Person Specification
  • Must be a student based at the host institution.
  • Experience of fencing/swordplay would be an advantage but is not essential.
  • Awareness of British Fencing’s key target markets in Higher Education, Gamers and Creatives with a willingness to engage with these students.
  • Enthusiastic approach and a positive, “can do” attitude.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Ability to work in a team and on own initiative.
  • IT and social media literate, capable of raising the profile of fencing activity.
  • Willingness to mentor other students and potential future UFOs.
  • Motivational attitude which inspires those around them to engage in swordplay and passionate about encouraging new participants to try fencing.
  • Strong organisational skills – capable of organising weekly sessions and standalone events.


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