BF Board Safeguarding Lead – Role Description

Everyone in fencing has a responsibility to safeguard and protect young people and vulnerable adults. The role of the Board Safeguarding Lead (previously referred to a ‘Champion’) is to lead and inform safeguarding discussion and planning within Board meetings, to ensure the Board prioritise these discussions and resource appropriately.  They act (along with the CEO) as a link between the lead safeguarding officer and the Board.

The BF Board Safeguarding Lead works closely with the BF Board Welfare and Safety Lead to ensure that all welfare and safety matters receives appropriate Board and executive attention.


  1. Supporting BF to maintain the safeguarding standards and embedding good practice
  2. Driving the development and implementation of the safeguarding action plan
  3. Ensuring safeguarding is embedded within the work, discussions and decisions of the Board
  4. Ensure that the BF Organisational Risk Log accurately reflects the identified risks and mitigation activities relating to safeguarding
  5. Promoting the importance of developing a culture of listening to young people within and through NGB policies, procedures and services
  6. Providing support, check and challenge to the NGB safeguarding lead through regular meetings and discussions
  7. Promoting safeguarding at a strategic level to the wider network
  8. Ensure confidentiality is maintained
  9. Promote and demonstrate anti-discriminatory practice


Experience and Knowledge

  1. Basic understanding of BF’s safeguarding structure and procedures
  2. Strategic insight into safeguarding and child protection issues
  3. Basic knowledge of BF’s policy and procedures related to safeguarding and protecting children, young people and adults at risk
  4. Basic knowledge of BF’s role and responsibilities to safeguard the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk and the roles of the various levels of Welfare Officer
  5. Basic knowledge of roles and responsibilities of local statutory agencies (Social Services, Police and LSCB)
  6. Basic knowledge of equality issues and child protection
  7. Basic knowledge of core legislation, government guidance and national framework for child protection and adults at risk



The Board Safeguarding Champion must attend the following workshops which will provide them with much of the background information that is needed for this role:

  • BF SafeGuard Introductory Level Training
  • Sportscoach UK’s Safeguarding and Protection Workshop (or equivalent in Scotland and NI)
  • BF Safeguard Welfare Officer Training or Time to Listen Training
  • Board Safeguarding Training

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