There are 11 Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs). All 11 apply to athletes, two (in bold) also apply to athlete support personnel and five (in bold) also apply to athlete support personnel and other persons.

Apply to athletes only

  • Presence
  • Use or Attempted Use
  • Evading, refusing or Failing to Submit to Sample Collection
  • Whereabouts failures


Apply to athletes and athlete support personnel

  • Possession
  • Administration (i.e. without aiding or abetting)


Apply to athletes, athlete support personnel, and other persons

  • Tampering or attempted tampering
  • Trafficking or attempted trafficking
  • Complicity or Attempted Complicity
  • Prohibited Association
  • Acts by an Athlete or Other Person to Discourage or Retaliate Against Reporting to Authorities

What that means for you

Athletes need to make sure they are fully aware of ALL the Anti-Doping Rule Violations and what the consequences are for breaking them. Visit UKAD’s athlete support personnel hub for further information on checking medications, supplement risks, the testing process and much more.

Refusing a test, as an example, could lead to four-year ban.

And remember, ADRVs are just like the rules in sport – it’s out or it’s in, it’s an official time or it’s not – but that is not everything.

Clean sport is more than rules – it is also how you train and compete in sport, and how you conduct yourself both on and off the field of play.

If in doubt, check the British Fencing website for more information on your sport’s anti-doping rules.


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