The GB League is a new, exciting recreational league taking place within BF affiliated clubs.

The ethos of the GB League is fun and giving fencers (BF recreational level membership and above) competitive sparring opportunities in club settings. The GB League is for all, from those who have just finished their beginner course and joined the club, to club regulars and those who attend competitions.

The GB League has been designed to be as simple as possible. For an affiliated club, setting up a GB League fixture doesn’t require any formal pistes, referees or timed bouts. All you need is a group of members and a Playwaze profile!

At this stage, the GB League will include 5-Hit and 15-Hit formats in all three weapons. Once the GB League is up and running, BF will look to include further formats, such as teams.

The GB League will remove traditional boundaries of age groups and gender as any 5-Hit or 15-Hit bout between two fencers in a league fixture will earn both fencers one or more points which in turn will contribute to the overall GB League national leader boards in Epee, Foil & Sabre.

Affiliated clubs running GB League fixtures will have access to GB League asset packs, including designs to share on your social media channels to promote your GB League fixture.

How can clubs get involved?

Our BF affiliated clubs will be the hosts of their own GB League fixtures. The format of the GB League means that it is as logistically as simple as running a normal competitive fencing club session, as there are no formal requirements for referees, piste layouts or timed bouts.

How can I get involved?

Whether you have recently taken up fencing, or have been fencing for many years, the GB League is fun and inclusive for all. It is a great opportunity to gain a competitive fencing experience within your local area and challenge your club mates!

Find out more information on joining the GB League here.




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