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GBR Cadet Epee Selections – Budapest 2019

Date: 5th and 6th October 2019

Updated 03/10/2019



Inaas Attellesey – Declined
Abagael Black – Accepted
Sarah Boucher-Rowe – Accepted
Imogen Bulman – Accepted
Julia Caron – Accepted
Jessica Forse – Accepted
Eve Golden – Accepted
Henriette Hadalin – Declined
Sofia Hossain – Accepted
Patrycja Krzyzaniak – Accepted
Rayhana Larbi – Declined
Hannah LeBor – Accepted
Keira Papdopoulos – Accepted
Sophie Peat – Accepted
Crinan Potter – Accepted
Eva Reston – Declined
Lauren Ryder-Garcia – Accepted
Isabella Summers – Accepted
India Wilson – Accepted
Rebecca Wreyford – Accepted

Alec Brooke – Accepted
Rudi Bruijn-Yard – Accepted
Arthur Bury – Accepted
Jack Courtney – Accepted
William Ferguson – Accepted
Joshua Goh – Accepted
Nicholas Grimshaw – Accepted
Jem Green – Accepted
Zachary Jackson – Accepted
Hal Jones – Accepted
Leo Kamstra – Accepted
Liam Kew – Accepted
Joshua Mitchell – Accepted
Finlay Noble – Accepted
Renzo Levi – Accepted
Marcus Richards – Accepted
Edward Scott Payne – Accepted
Piero Steiner – Accepted
Louis Taiwo-Williams – Accepted
Joseph Walmsley – Accepted

Noah Blackmore
Seth Blackmore
Phil Elliot
Sean Grundy


CWE Teams

Team A
Isabella Summers
Keira Papadopoulos
Abagael Black

Team B
Patrycja Krzyzaniak
India Wilson
Sophie Peat

Team C
Julia Caron
Imogen Bulman
Eve Golden

Team D
Lauren Ryder-Garcia
Jessica Forse
Crinan Potter

Team E
Sarah Boucher-Rowe
Sofia Hossain
Rebecca Wreyford

CME Teams

Team A
Edward Scott Payne
Alec Brooke
Joseph Walmsley
Louis Taiwo-Williams

Team B
Nicholas Grimshaw
Joshua Goh
Arthur Bury
Piero Steiner

Team C
Rudi Bruijn-Yard
Zachary Jackson
Marcus Richards
Finn Noble

Team D
Liam Kew
Hal Jones
Jem Green
Leo Kamstra

Team E
William Ferguson
Jack Courtney
Joshua Mitchell

The teams event is a development opportunity and all members of the team will be expected to have an opportunity to fence and be a part of the tactical decision making.  Should the team wish to they can ask for support from accredited British Fencing coach if there is one available at the time.

The coaches currently accredited for the trip are:

  • Richard Lloyd Jones*
  • John Rees
  • Anthony Klenczar
  • Tamas Kovacs
  • Elena Luliana Cocora
  • Richard Lloyd-Jones
  • Chris Howser
  • Isobel Combes
  • Philip Bruce
  • Peter Barrett
  • Kenichi Yamamoto

* Richard, as an ADP Coach will also undertake some tasks for the Athlete Development Programme and where applicable can provide guidance and support to the team events.

EFC Licence – you need a licence to compete
From 1st August 2019, you must apply for the EFC licence through the British Fencing Membership Portal. The EFC licence is valid for the current season only and is required for all EFC competitions.
Please go to bf.sport80.com – log in using your membership log in  details; click on the Licences tab and follow the directions for an EFC licence.

Important Information
All selections are subject to possession of a British passport/certificate of British Citizenship.

The accept or decline emails will be sent out after the Bank Holiday weekend.

Fencers must confirm selection by following the instructions in the selection email including making any payment due. Athletes who have not made payments will not be confirmed. Any athlete that clicks to accept a place and subsequently fails to make a payment by the due date may be charged an administration fee.

Please note all places must be accepted and paid for within 48 hours of notification from the BF membership platform (Sport80) unless notified otherwise.

Parents are responsible for travel arrangements and the welfare of athletes.

BF may choose to assign a GBR coach for an event, who will be responsible for supporting the performance of the GBR teams.

All coaches, including personal coaches, must be on the BF Coaching Register. Personal Coaches must also complete the following form to be accredited as part of the squad. Only one form is required to be completed per season for the nominated U17 events.

All BF Codes of Conduct apply to athletes, parents, coaches and officials and attention is drawn in particular to the Code of Conduct for Youth Events.

Please visit the GBR Cadet page for more information about National logos, Anti doping, Kit requirements, Guide to Weapon Checks and so forth.

Queries about selection?

Only for this Cadet Epee Competition (Budapest) this season. The selectors have selected 20 fencers per weapon with no reserves.

If you have any queries regarding how selection is made please ensure you have carefully read the selection policy that can be found here. This policy will also help you understand who you need to contact in the event you think there has been an error in rankings or applying the policy.

If you have any queries regarding why you have not been selected for a discretionary place you should speak to the ADP Lead Coach in your weapon. Please ensure that you have your Athlete Development Profile available and shared with the ADP Lead Coach in advance for the purposes of that discussion. To book a discussion with an ADP Coach please email your Athlete Development Profile along with details regarding the specific selection you wish to discuss to [email protected].

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