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Following the publication of the FIE/EFC calendar and review of 2022-23 performances, consultation on the 23-24 GBR Selection Policy opens with Part 1, focusing on the eligibility and qualification standards for EFC/FIE events.

The GBR Selection Policy includes eligibility and qualification standards for U17s, U20s, U23s, Seniors and Para Fencing selections.

Following the publication of the FIE/EFC calendar and review of 2022-23 performances, the proposed changes to this eligibility and qualification are published below. They are now open to consultation as Part 1.

Following Part 1, Part 2 of the consultation will be the updated Policy document to include clarifications and updates on the Discretionary elements. Part 3 is expected to include a review of the Para Fencing elements of the policy.

1. Clarification on eligibility to fence for GBR

6.1 1. The Athlete must hold a valid British passport or proof of British citizenship, stored and approved on Sport80. For FIE competitions, a full British Passport is required.

2. World & European Qualification Standards – Percentage Finish and European Games inclusion (7.2 e)) 

The qualification percentages will be adjusted in line with the variation in performance standards achieved in the age groups. Seniors will remain at 40%, whilst marginally higher percentages are being introduced for Juniors and Cadets.

e)        from their best three (of a minimum of three) Nominated International Competitions in the same competitive age category, their final individual placing percentages average less than or equal to:

·            Seniors and U23s Only: 40%*

·            Juniors Only: 38%*

·            Cadets Only: 35%*

* Nominated International Competitions in the same competitive age category from competitions held during the current season plus the previous season’s European Championships, European Games (Senior’s only) and World Championships. Percentages are calculated based on the actual number of athletes who started the competition, not on athletes who entered or failed to appear at the start.

Performance data is published here.

3. World & European Qualification Standards – Additional Qualification Standard for Senior Major Events

To qualify through the percentage finish performance route (as described above), athletes must have won one Direct Elimination match or made two L64s (where a complete L128 exists) during that competitive season in the relevant competitive age category in Nominated International Competitions.

4. World & European Qualification Standards – Additional Qualification Standard, Junior

Notwithstanding the qualifying standard for individual events, any weapon placed in the Top 16 of the Senior/Junior FIE World Cup team rankings as of the selection date may send a whole team of four athletes to the respective Senior/Junior European or World Championships.

5. FIE Satellite Standards – Increase the number of eligible seniors (top 30 to top 50):

Be in the:
a) Top fifty(50) ranked athletes in the British Senior Ranking at the time of entry opening

6. No obligation to fill discretionary places for FIE World Cups

Where most athletes qualify for selection based on BF rankings (top 8), selectors are not required to fill all discretionary places or list reserves.

The Part 1 consultation period will run from 23rd June 2023 to Friday 30th June 2023 at midnight.  Members will be able to respond to the consultation by submitting questions and comments using this online form:


If you have any questions about this post, please submit them to us via the form here, and an ADP team member will return to you.

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