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Current performance data used for athletes’ selection for Major Championships has been published.

Further to the recent post regarding selection standards  and last season’s performance data, BF has made available the data used to support selection decisions. The data can also help athletes in their development and support decisions about future events, with a view to long-term development.

The Athlete Development Programme (ADP) team will regularly update the performance data to support those selections after International events. Visit the relevant GBR zones to view the information:

Seniors & U23s:  https://www.britishfencing.com/gbr-fencing/gbr-senior/
Juniors: https://www.britishfencing.com/gbr-fencing/gbr-junior/
Cadets: https://www.britishfencing.com/gbr-fencing/gbr-cadet/


Should any errors be found in the data, please use the following query form to report the data.

The colours indicate the % finishing position range representing performance indicators.

  • Gold = top 8%
  • Yellow = >8% to 16%
  • Green = >16% to 40%
  • Blue = >40% to 70%
  • Light Red =>70%
  • Dark Red = no poule victories


If you have further questions about this post, please submit them via the form here and an ADP team member will return them to you.


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