27/10/2022- Selection


GB Women’s and Men’s Foil squad selected for the EFC Cadet event in Budapest, Hungary.

The following athletes are now invited to attend the EFC Cadet – Budapest, this as part of their ongoing development to gain international experience and to work towards meeting the qualification standard for selection to represent Great Britain at the Cadet European and World Championships


Competition Date: 26th and 27th November 2022

Deadline to accept the invitation and make full payment on Sport80: 13:00 on Wednesday 2nd November 2022.

Competition details (Reglements)

Please only contact the organisers regarding booking accommodation and transfers if the organisers are offering this service. Please do not contact the organisers for any other queries. For all other queries please contact Shelley Robinson or other BF Staff using the Contact Form

Rachael ADAMS – accepted
Victoria AMORE – accepted
Maddi BEARD – accepted
Lauren BYRNE – accepted
Imogen COOK – accepted
Nathalie CULKIN – accepted
Megan ELLIOTT – Accepted
Marisa GREEN – accepted
Sophie Kee Yiu HO – accpeted
Ann-Emma HU – accepted
Lev-Jac HU – accepted
Isabella JOHNSON – accepted
Katie JOHNSON – accepted
Abigael MCVINNIE – accepted
Lilwen QUAN-NICHOLLS – accepted
Verity SAMPSON – accepted
Elle STONE – accepted
Amelie TSANG – declined
Zoe WAGSTAFF – accepted
Indigo ZAFFINO – accepted
Mihkel ARCHER – accepted
Sebastian BEARDMORE-ESTEBAN – accepted
Mohammed BELBOUAB – accepted
Lewis CALLAGHAN – accepted
Aarav CHAUDHARI – accepted
Khalam CONTRACTOR – accepted
Ashley CREES – accepted
Ethan DAKIN – accepted
Arthur EAKIN – accepted
Callum EVANS – accepted
Oliver HUGHES – accepted
Alexander JAMES – accepted
Finn KEEN – accepted
David KELLY – accepted
Callum PENMAN – accepted
David SOSNOV – accepted
Henry STIRLING – accepted
Alastair THOMPSON – accepted
Yaqub WAGDI – accepted
Rui ZHAO – accepted

We will not be selecting reserves for individual places.

Team 1
Zoë Wagstaff
Madeline Beard
Ann-Emma Hu
Rachael Adams
Team 1
Callum Penman
David Sosnov
Sebastian Beardmore-Esteban
Alastair Thompson
Team 2
Nathalie Culkin
Verity Sampson
Abigael McVinnie
Katie Johnson
Team 2
Mihkel Archer
Aarav Chaudhari
Henry Stirling
David Kelly
Team 3
Indigo Zaffino
Elle Stone
Victoria Amore
Lev-Jac Hu
Team 3
Oliver Hughes
Callum Evans
Arthur Eakin
Finn Keen
Team 4
Imogen Cook
Sophie Ho
Lilwen Quan-Nicholls
Lauren Byrne
Team 4
Alexander James
Ethan Dakin
Lewis Callaghan
Mohammed Belbouab

We are only selecting a maximum 4 teams (depending on numbers) for the EFC cadet competitions. For those not selected will be reserves.

ADP Coaches Attending the Event


Please do not contact the EFC for entry or competition queries. Contact BF staff using the form above with any questions.

All selections are subject to possession of a British passport/certificate of British Citizenship.
And having a British Fencing Membership

Accepting Your Place
A selection email from Sport80 will follow this post within 24 hours. Fencers must confirm the selection by following the instructions in the selection email including making any payment due. Athletes who have not made payment will not be confirmed. Any athlete that clicks to accept a place and subsequently fails to make a payment by the due date may be charged an administration fee.

EFC Licence – REQUIRED FOR ENTRY.  Please ensure this is actioned before you complete the Sport80 Invite
You must have a valid EFC Licence for the 22/23 Season. You will either need to renew your licence if you held one form last season or apply for a licence if this is your first time competing as a cadet at this level. Without a valid licence we cannot enter you for the competition.

Instructions on how to apply for the licence
1. Go to your British Fencing Membership on Sport80 bf.sport80.com
2. Log in using your membership details
3. Click on your profile
4.Then click on the Licences tab
5.And follow the directions to apply for an EFC licence.

All BF Codes of Conduct apply to athletes, parents, coaches and officials and attention are drawn in particular to the Code of Conduct for Youth Events.

BF will do the entries through the EFC once all entries are finalised. Entries are done 10 days before the deadline on Thursday.

Trip Costs
Referee Contribution: £100.  Each EFC squad will require 3 referees (or a 500 euro fine per missing referee – which could happen at the last minute eg if a referee tests positive for COVID). BF, through the ADP, will be subsidising the additional costs of fines/travel where required. Rules around referee quotas and fines can be found on the EFC website here

Administration: £15 (£20 per head subsidy by BF)

Please note all places must be accepted and paid for within 48 hours of notification from the BF membership platform (Sport80) unless notified otherwise.

Accredited Personal Coaches
If you wish to apply to attend in the capacity of a personal coach you must register in advance with BF. Personal Coaches must apply for accreditation to each event using the following form. As a reminder, personal coaches must not coach against fellow GBR fencers during international competitions.

All coaches, including personal coaches, must be on the BF Coaching Register.

Equipment Requirements
FIE equipment should be used (800 NW clothes, 1600 NW masks, 800 NW plastron and FIE homologated blades).

Name and country printed on the back of the jacket/lame are not required.The ‘GBR’ patch is not required for cadets. These are required for athletes that have been selected for Cadet European or World Championships, or FIE Junior or FIE Senior international events.

Ensure your kit is in full working order, with all weapons and body-wires tested for continuity, resistance, and weight. You must do this before leaving the UK as there may not be an armoury service or an equipment stall at the event.

Having your equipment well maintained can mean the difference between hits registering or not. There will be weapon control. Different competitions check different items – so be prepared for everything to have to pass weapons control.

It is the parent or athletes responsibility to ensure they can enter the country of competition. Please check COVID regulations.
Parents are responsible for travel arrangements and the welfare of athletes.

Please visit the GBR Cadet page for more information about Anti-doping, Kit requirements, Guide to Weapon Checks and so forth.

 Selection Queries
If you have any queries regarding how the selection is made please ensure you have carefully read the selection policy that can be found here. This policy will also help you understand who you need to contact in the event you think there has been an error in rankings or applying the policy.

If you have any queries regarding why you have not been selected for a discretionary place you should speak to the ADP Lead Coach in your weapon. Please ensure that you have your Athlete Development Profile available and shared with the ADP Lead Coach in advance for that discussion. To book a discussion with an ADP Coach please email your Athlete Development Profile along with details regarding the specific selection you wish to discuss to [email protected].

The BF Appeal Policy and Procedure published here sets out the framework process that will be followed. Athletes have two (2) working days to submit their notices of appeal.

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