16/01/2024- Selection


GB Women’s Epee preliminary squad selected for the JWC event in Beauvais, France.


UPDATED 8/2/24

Competition Date:  17th – 18th February 2024

Deadline to accept the invitation and make full payment on Sport80: within 4 days hours of receiving the invitation. Please ensure you accept your place and pay sport80 fees at the same time.

Competition details (known as Reglements). Please make sure you read the invitation carefully.


Hannah LeBor (Q)
Sophie Peat (Q)
Julia Caron (Q)
Erin Pedler (Q)
Zoya Suresh (Q)
Harriet Hillier (Q)
Gabrielle Holland (Q)
Amelie Russell (Q)
Juliet Lumineau (D)

Q = Top 8 eligible fencers
D = ADP discretionary selections


Ellie Jackson
Kate Haswell 
Crinan Potter 
Grace O’Neill 
Millie Andrews 
Lauren Ryder-Garcia 



Zoya Suresh – declined
Gabrielle Holland
Amelie Russell 
Juliet Lumineau 
Lauren Ryder-Garcia 

Millie Andrews – declined
Grace O’Neill 

ADP Coaches Attending the Event
Lorraine Rose 

Trip Costs/Athlete Contributions
As travel and accommodation costs have increased in the current climate, we have had to increase the travel and administration costs to reflect this. The costs now are:

  • Team Manager/Coach Contribution: £75
  • Referee Contribution: £125. Each Junior World Cup squad of 5 or more will re-quire one referee, and each squad of 10 or more will require two referees (or a 1000 euro fine per missing referee). Through the ADP, BF will subsidise the additional costs of fines/travel where needed. Rules around referee quotas and fines can be found on the FIE website (o.25 and o.31).
  • Accommodation: £75/night (minimum of at least two nights, based on sharing).
  • Administration: £25
  • Additional ADP Coach: £0 (approx. £75 per head subsidy by BF where a coach is provided).

Selection Queries
Carefully read the selection policy, which can be found here, if you believe there is an error in ranking calculations or policy application.

Queries regarding discretionary applications should contact GBR Support using the Pathway/ADP Query Form. Ensure you have your Individual Athlete Development Plan (IADP) available and that it has been uploaded via this link before contacting BF.

Click here for rankings and selection information for this selection. The ranking file (csv) downloaded from the ranking system is attached to the selection information. If you believe there is an error in the production of these rankings, please register your query here within two working days of the selection announcement.

The BF Appeal Policy and Procedure published here sets out the framework process that will be followed. Athletes have two (2) working days to submit their notices of appeal.

Accredited Personal Coaches
To attend in the capacity of a personal coach, you must register in advance with BF. Personal coaches must apply for accreditation to each event using the following form. All coaches, including personal coaches, must be on the BF Coaching Register and not coach against fellow GBR fencers during international competitions.

Once you have booked your flights, please complete the travel and emergency form here.

The parent or athlete is responsible for ensuring that the athlete can enter the competition host country, has a valid passport and meets the host country’s entry requirements. Parents are responsible for travel arrangements and the welfare of athletes on cadet trips. Read the ‘Foreign travel advice’ section of the gov.uk website for further details.

City Hôtel*** The Originals Human Hotels & Resorts

  • Parents should not book into the athlete’s hotel.
  • Rooms will only be booked for fencers, referees and BF staff. Personal coaches must make their arrangements.
  • Length of accommodation only booked to cover the advertised entry and exit points—any extra nights outside of this need to be arranged by the athletes.

As per the selection policy.

FIE Licence – you need a licence to compete
You need a valid FIE licence for the 2023-24 season to compete in this competition. Your must apply for this via Sport80 before accepting your place at this event. Please go to  bf.sport80.com, log in using your membership login details, click on the Licences tab and follow the directions to apply for an FIE licence.

Other Important Information
All selections are subject to possessing a British passport/certificate of British Citizenship. This must be uploaded to Sport80 and approved by BF before you can accept your place on this trip.

All BF Codes of Conduct apply to athletes, parents, coaches and officials; attention is drawn to the Code of Conduct for Youth Events.

BF will process the entries through the FIE once all entries are finalised. 

Equipment Requirements
Please check to make sure you meet the FIE requirements. Further information can be found here.

Accepting Your Place
An invitation email from Sport80 will follow this post within 24 hours. Unless notified otherwise, all places must be accepted within three working days of notification from the BF membership platform (Sport80).

Fencers must confirm the selection by following the instructions in the invitation email, including making any payments due. Athletes who have not made payment in full and completed the registration form within the deadlines will forfeit their place to any remaining reserves.

Any athlete who accepts and pays for their place but fails to appear at the event may be liable for any FIE fines.

For further information about anti-doping, kit requirements and guides to weapons checks, please visit the GBR Junior Zone.

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