24/06/2020- Covid 19

Announcement in Response to PM’s Statement  (23/6)

British Fencing is investigating the possibility that fencing activity in England can be expanded from 4th July.

Following on from the PM’s statement on 23rd June (here) regarding reduction in social distancing measures, BF is investigating the possibility that fencing activity in England can be expanded from 4th July to include adapted lessons and adapted pairs training, provided additional mitigation steps are followed.

We are currently looking into the types of mitigation steps that would be required and will make an announcement once we have more clarity.

It is unclear at the time of writing where and when indoor activities can take place. Indoor courts are currently unable to open (with mid-July being indicated as a possible timeframe), yet community centres can open from 4th July. We know that our clubs and coaches deliver fencing in many different community settings.

Our recommendation is that clubs remain in close contact with the venues that they use as it will be up to those venues to decide whether they can open according to government legislation and guidelines.

It will be up to the clubs/coaches to decide whether the venue facilities are suitable for the activities they plan to do as part of their risk assessment process, which must be completed prior to any activity delivery.

British Fencing will continue to support this Return to Fencing by providing fencing specific policies and guidelines covering suitable fencing activities, kit hygiene measures etc.

Return to Fencing resources for clubs and coaches including guidelines, samples and templates can be found here, and these will be updated and expanded as more information is available.

Please note that this announcement relates to activities in England – people in  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland must follow the specific rules in those parts of the UK.

Update 29/04/2020 – “The government strongly advises against community centres opening for indoor fitness and sport activity




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