The Fencer, Athlete, Competitor (FAC) Profiles

The FAC Profiles are a set of age and ability determined profiles which helps athletes navigate their journeys through (up, down and within) the Pathway Stages and inform their development priorities.

The starting point for these journeys is based on understanding fencing and being able to fence – being a ‘fencer’.  As a fencer develops, training load can be increased to improve athletic ability – being an ‘athlete’.  The final aspect of a journey is the move into being a ‘competitor’, focussing on the work and preparation required to achieve success at the highest level.

Transitions from one age group to another will typically involve re-assessing against these profiles – for example an U20 with an U20 ‘competitor’ profile is likely to re-profile as a ‘fencer’ or ‘athlete’ on their move to Seniors.

The profiles are intended to provide more detail and context on the Pathway Components including physical requirements, growth and development considerations, environmental drivers and lifestyle.

Example – Pathway Stage: T1, Component: Attitude and Commitment, Profile: ‘Fencer’.  Expectation: Demonstrate a commitment to a fencing specific training/competition programme, including:

  • Willingness to look for, and seek to make improvements in weak areas of technique/tactical play/physical readiness/mental preparation
  • Commitment to regular goal-oriented training and competition at an appropriate level
  • Demonstrating an awareness of goal-setting and mental skills
  • Demonstrating an awareness of the need for holistic training in achieving high performance training
  • Demonstrate a desire to seek out information and understand the sport – seek positive role models


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