Developed specifically for a fencing context, this course provides everyone (aged 18 or older) that has a duty of care towards young fencers with the knowledge and confidence to prevent and react to situations where young people might be at risk. Making fencing a safe environment for children and young people must remain a priority, achieved by setting the highest standards and best practice within the community.

Georgina Usher, CEO said, “Children and young people are the future of our sport. It is therefore incumbent on all of us to role model positive behaviours and practices, so these are in turn adopted by the next generation of fencers, coaches, athletes, referees, volunteers and administrators”.

Anyone is welcome to take part in the course for Continued Professional Development and to learn about safeguarding in fencing. Certificates obtained upon successful completion of the four learning modules and a final test are approved to renew the Safeguarding requirement of the BF Coach, Team Manager and Club Welfare Officer Registers and are valid for three years.

Where the certificate is being used to maintain your position on the BF Registers, as a renewal course, one of the pre-requisites to participate is to have attended and passed a full approved Safeguarding course no longer than 3 years before. (This pre-requisite is not mandatory if a participant does not intend to use the certificate to update their record on one of BF Registers). For the renewal certificate to be accepted for BF Registers, the online renewal course must be completed by the expiry date of the prior, full course certificate.

For example, if you are a Registered Coach, Team Manager or Club Welfare Officer and your current, full course certificate was issued on 15th November 2017, the three-year validity ends on 15th November 2020.  You must complete the online renewal course before 15th November 2020.  

Please note, Registered Coaches, Team Managers and Club Welfare Officers must upload the certificate to their Sport80 member account to remain current on the Registers.

Frequently Asked Questions

My SPC certificate expired more than 3 years ago. What should I do?

You can still sign up for the online renewal course. If some time has passed, we use a 3-month grace period.

When is the next course?

The course runs on a rolling basis. You can start at any time.

Is there a deadline to complete the course?

Yes, you have 30 days to complete it from the day you are enrolled.


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