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BF is delighted to have partnered with Alf Insight ahead of Paris 2024

BF has partnered with Alf Insight to support our objectives of becoming a financially resilient National Governing Body. As a financially resilient NGB we can continue to grow our services to our members and beyond.

ALF Insight has been providing data and information on the media and marketing industry for 35 years. ALF’s specialist partnerships and sponsorship businesses development tool is one of many initiatives that help business development professionals within the industry to grow their organisation.

ALF Insight is excited to be working with BF who has done incredible work in grass roots development projects and programmes which are designed to improve the experiences of those participating in fencing, creating a more diverse, inclusive and accessible sport across the UK.

ALF’s General Manager Amanda Rosevear said, “We’re delighted to be supporting British Fencing in the run up to the Olympics and Paralympics. ALF’s aim will be to support them in their search for new exciting brand partners that are aligned with their own ethos and objectives”.

James Craig, Commercial Director at BF says, “I strongly believe BF have untapped potential for dynamic and progressive brands to associate with us more deeply. BF recently have become responsible for the Paralympic sport, which combined with an already strong track record in sport for social change, a distinctive school programme focusing on personal development, athlete success stories at all levels of competition and an engaged, committed fencing community enables a brand to pick and choose where and how they want to achieve their marketing and business objectives with us.

“The challenge has always been to find the time and insight to make the right approach to a brand. With the team at ALF, they can see the opportunity we have and therefore have provided us access to their brilliant ALF Partnerships Pro Lite and Partnership specific data tools. I look forward to being able to find the right matches with ALF’s support to find the right brands to partner with.”


If you are interested to discuss or find out more information on the opportunities to partner with BF then please email [email protected]

If you are interested to discuss or find out more information on the opportunities with ALF then please email [email protected]


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