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BF publishes new Athlete Development Pathway Model

Comprehensive review results in evidence-based performance focussed pathway model to underpin BF athlete and coach development activity 

Our long term mission at BF is to deliver a sustainable and inclusive 6W athlete development system that enables every (talented) athlete to access a high-quality pathway that fulfils their potential – as people and performers.

Our primary objective in this area is to produce athletes that are resilient, independent and high performing with a true sense of self value that in turn inspires others to achieve success. In doing this we take a ‘whole person’ approach because we believe that ‘better people make better athletes’.

In order to achieve these aims, the BF Athlete Development Programme undertook a comprehensive analysis of fencer/athlete development models, performance data and evidence to create a single performance pathway model to Olympic success. The guiding principles for this redesigned pathway model were that it should be athlete-centred, recognising the responsibility that the pathway has in developing and supporting athletes in both the performance and personal domains, and that the model should be resilient in the face of an uncertain future of funding.

The resulting pathway model is based on the FTEM Framework and is represented by a series of Pathway Stages. Each Pathway Stage is made up of a number of Pathway Stage Components. The content of each component is based on the Weapons Framework which contains the detailed specific research, models and content to support the pathway.

This model will underpin BF’s athlete and coach development activity and form the basis of future funding applications to allow us to deliver the pathway system and structures to bring the model to life and ultimately deliver success at Senior and Olympic level.

Georgina Usher said “This model is the result of a significant amount of work by the team and I am particularly grateful to all the coaches, athletes and a number of experts who have been involved and contributed to the process. Whilst this model is primarily designed to support those athletes on a pathway to Olympic success, I hope anyone looking to improve their own fencing at any level will find something in this model to help them on that journey.”

Learn all about our pathway model and how it will be implemented by visiting the new Athlete Development Zone





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