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To prepare and select athletes for the upcoming international season, the 2021 Cadet & Junior National Championships and the first ‘A’ British Ranking Competitions (‘A’ BRCs) will take place in September 2021.

Men’s Cadet and Junior ‘A’ BRC (all weapons) – 4th and 5th September 2021- Hertfordshire Sports Village, University of Hertfordshire

Cadet and Junior Nationals – 11th and 12th September 2021- David Ross Sports Village, University of Nottingham

Women’s Cadet and Junior ‘A’ BRC (all weapons) – 18th and 19th September 2021- University of Birmingham


These dates have been set with the following considerations and challenges which have contributed to the timing of the events and this announcement:

  • Ongoing uncertainty around international calendars – the FIE calendar whilst recently published is subject to change, the EFC calendar has not yet been finalised
  • Our desire to provide opportunities for our athletes to prepare for/reach selection standards for international competition
  • Availability of suitable sized venue – the venue that BF had previously booked  is no longer available (due to the impact of COVID on the business)

We recognise the impact on that this busy period will have on fencers, referees, event volunteers, coaches and parents and thank you in advance for your patience and support as we re-start the sport.

Entry information and Referee/Event Volunteer sign-up information will be made available in due course.

Field of Play Accreditation (Coach and Supporter) will be in operation at all events. Further information and application processes will be made available when entries open.

Format & Multipliers

C&J National Championships – The format will be one round of poules, with a 10-20% cut, followed by DE. The ranking multiplier will be 200.

C&J ‘A’ BRCs – The format will be one round of poules,  followed by DE with repechage from 32.  The ranking multiplier will be 175.

Junior events will not count towards Cadet Rankings.

More information on Ranking Multipliers can be found here.

More information on BRC Formats can be found here.


COVID Mitigation Procedures (Reminder)

As per our previous announcement here, BF intend to implement COVID Mitigation procedures at all three events. At present, the mitigation measures in place will include:

  • Mandatory wearing a face-covering whilst not fencing (unless exempt)
  • Field of play restrictions
  • No coaching during the poules
  • Restrictions in relation to coaches/spectators – it is likely that for some venues, there will be limited spaces for spectators to have a direct view of the event
  • No shouting
  • No handshaking/elbow touching – replaced with salutes on the on guard line

The mitigation procedures in place will be in review prior to the event, with all participants and attendees made aware of any changes or additional measures.


2021-2022 ‘A’ and ‘B’ BRCs (Reminder)

As per previously published information, this season sees the introduction of ‘A’ and ‘B’ BRCs.

There will be a few ‘A’ BRCs which will have the largest ranking point multipliers and therefore be the performance focus for athletes wanting to qualify to represent GBR in the current season. These A BRCs will use the poule(s)/DE (with or without repechage) formats.

‘B’ BRCs will be held around the country throughout the calendar year and are intended to
a) support the development of athletes seeking GBR selection in future seasons,
b) provide an opportunity for athletes seeking discretionary selection within this season to improve their rankings, and
c) provide an opportunity for athletes already selected to practice competitive scenarios as part of their individual training plans.

The intention is to have several ‘B’ events around the UK throughout the whole season, providing multiple accessible opportunities for fencers to compete. Furthermore, athletes seeking GBR selection are not expected to attend every ‘B’ event. 

The decision to attend a competition needs to be a choice made by the fencers, supported by their parents and coach. Fencers are encouraged to make the right choices for their development and circumstances – just because BF provides a competitive ranking or selection opportunity it does not mean that every eligible fencer should feel they must participate.

Further information on ‘A’ and ‘B’ BRCs can be found here

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