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Following the selection of qualified athletes on the 8th January, BF is delighted to announce the additional athletes selected for the Cadet and Junior Squad for the upcoming Cadet and Junior European Championships, to be held in Naples, Italy, from 22nd February to 29th February 2024.

Congratulations to all the athletes and their coaches.

Athletes selected (Full and Final Squad)

(listed alphabetically by surname)

Additional Athletes selected to the squad highlighted in bold

Epee Women Epee Men Foil Women Foil Men Sabre Women Sabre Men
Olivia Eadie (Q) Fin Bennett (Q) Victoria Amore (Q) Mohammed
Belbouab (Q)
Keira Donnelly-Sallows (Q) Joshua Bryden (Q)
Reya Farlam (Q) Oghenegaren Esiovwa-Thompson (Q) Maddie Beard (Q) Khalam Contractor (Q) Tosin Ononaiye (Q) Miller Hetherington(Q)
Sophia Gerhart (Q Tristan Lumineau (Q) Katie Johnson  (Q) Luca Florea (Q) Hui Xin Sezille (Q) Yoji Hiyama  (Q)
Sophia Pickering (Q) Sameer Sunder-Rajan (Q) Leu-Jac Hu (Q) David Kelly (Q) Maya Sutton (Q) Henry Pick (Q)
NTR Emma Mitszova (D) NTR: Casey Jones (Q) NTR Abigael Mcvinnie (D) NTR: Henry Sterling (Q) NTR:  Verity Lees (Q) NTR: Joe Evans (Q)
Epee Women Epee Men Foil Women Foil Men Sabre Women Sabre Men
Julia Caron (Q) Alec Brooke (Q) Katie Castillo-Bernaus (T) Jaimie Cook (Q) Bethany Brierley (Q) Sam Allen (D)
Hannah LeBor (Q) Cador Beautyman (Q) Isabella Johnson (Q) Callum Penman (Q) Lexie Craze (Q) Folayemi Akinyosoye (D)
Sophie Peat (Q) David Perkins (Q) Amelie Tsang (Q) David Sosnov (Q) Melissa Jane (Q) Ryuki Hiyama (D)
Harriet Hiller (T) Tristan Lumineau (D) Carolina Stutchbury (Q) Nye Ulferts-Kilpatrick (T) Amy Westwell (Q) Henry Martin (Q)
NTR: Erin Pedler (T) NTR Ben MacLennan (T) NTR: Zoe Wagstaff (T) NTR: Max Jones (T) NTR:Keira Donnelly-Sallows (Q) NTR: Eiger Swinscow (D)



Selection for the Squad to compete  in the individual and team competitions in Naples was based on:
Q = Qualified meeting standard
D = Discretionary criteria
T =  Selected to the squad under discretionary criteria – Team Strategy. These Athletes have normally not met qualification standards.

NTR = non travelling reserve,

Please note: selected athletes are required to attend the Europeans Preparation Sessions on the 10th & 11th of February, 2024

Selection timing information is available here: Selection Timing

U17 & U20 European Championship Selection Panel 2024

Selections for the upcoming Cadet & Junior European Championships have been made according to the criteria published in the Board approved here:  GBR Selection Policy v1.0 Approved 20.09.23

Cadet Performance Data
Junior Performance Data
Fencers Meeting Qualification Standards

The members of the panel were:

Steve Kemp – Chair
Fran Whalley  – Sabre recommendations
Ben Peggs  – Foil recommendations
Ian Lichfield – Epee recommendations
Lindsay Bottoms– GBR Selection Panel Rep (Epee)
Nick Fletcher– GBR Selection Panel Rep (Sabre)
Mike McKay – GBR Selection Panel Rep (Foil)
Pat Aiyenuro – Independent Member &  Board Member
Ian Lichfield  –  Data and insight
Niall Harman – Notetaker

The second meeting took place and the panel met at 18.00 on 22 January 2024.

The selection panel approved the next group of athletes that met the qualification standards , then reviewed and approved the discretionary selection to complete the full squad. The remaining selections took several discretionary factors from the selection policy into account, including:

  • Performance Trajectory (International)
  • BF Pathway Stage Assessment and Development Trajectory to 2024/2028/2032 Olympic Games
  • Team Strategy (Team Complementarity)
  • BF Ranking Lists dated 08/01/24
  • Commitment to a documented training plan, which is shared with the ADP.

Where there was insufficient rationale to separate qualified athletes (outside of the top three), the selection reverted to the ranking list.

Selection Policy and Qualification Standards

Selection Policy Point 58

The qualification standards for all European & World Championships are:
a) An individual medal-winning performance at one of the Nominated International Competitions in the same competitive age category or above (excluding U23) during the current season; or

b) An individual medal-winning performance at a Major Championship in the previous season in the same competitive age category or above.

c) Meeting the qualification standards of the competitive age categories above their current FIE age categories (U17, U20, Senior) they typically compete within would also be deemed to have met the qualification standards for their lower age groups.

For example: a cadet meeting the qualification standards for the Junior Major Championships would be considered as meeting the qualification standard for Cadet Major Championships. A Junior meeting qualification standard for the Senior Major Championships would also be considered as meeting qualification standard at the Junior level.

d) their final individual placing percentage is less than or equal to 8%* at one of the Nominated International Competitions in the same competitive age category from V 1.0 Approved Page 24 of 48 competitions held during the current season plus the previous season’s European and World Championships; or

e) from their best three (of a minimum of three) Nominated International Competitions in the same competitive age category, their final individual placing percentages average less than or equal to:

Seniors and U23s: 40%*
Juniors: 38%*
Cadets: 35%*

Appeals & Complaints

Appeals & Complaints (Section 13 – extract from the Selection Policy)

  • Any athlete who has not achieved the eligibility criteria and qualifying performance standards for automatic selection for any International Competitions or Major Championships shall have no right of appeal against non-selection for these competitions.
  • Any athlete who has not completed and submitted a ‘GBR Discretionary Selection Form’, shall have no right of appeal against non-selection for these competitions.
  • Any athlete who has not provided a completed Athlete Assessment Form (submitted as part of the Selection Application Form where applicable), shall have no right of appeal against non-selection for these competitions.
  • Submitting the Selection Application Form is the opportunity for the athlete to provide any relevant data to the Selection Panel. An athlete shall have no right of appeal against non-selection on the grounds that the data supplied by the athlete was missing or inaccurate.

Selection queries

If you have any questions about this post, please submit them to us via the form here, and an ADP team member will respond by return.

If there are any outstanding queries, you should email Steve Kemp at [email protected], cc’ing your personal coach.

Next Steps

Go to the page Cadet and Junior Championships 2024 for further information on travel, costs, personal coaches, and anti-doping.

If you are an athlete and do not intend to attend this event, please notify:  [email protected]

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