10/08/2022- Coach


This is an interactive infographic that shows all of the requirements for coaches to be on the online BF Coach Register.

Every coach who complies with all of the required standards and correctly uploads their evidence on their personal Sport80 account will automatically appear on the Coach Search, therefore gaining their public liability insurance.

If you are visiting this page as you are looking for information to help you make decisions about engaging the services of a coach, please read this important notice.

By clicking on the interactive links of Coach Register requirements, the reader will be taken to the appropriate webpages that describe what each requirement involves (e.g. courses accepted, alternative training qualifications for each Home Nation, standard update timeframe).


If you either miss or have let one of the seven requirements lapse, you will automatically be removed from our Coach Search page and you will not be insured anymore by BF.

Upcoming coaching courses can be found here.

To register your interest in future coaching courses, please click here.


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