15/07/2021- Covid 19

Equipment Hygiene Protocols Updated

Fencing equipment quarantine times reduced and cleaning protocols updated following a review of the latest available information on COVID transmission.

BF has performed a review of the latest information available in relation to the risks associated with the handling, transfer and sharing of equipment in fencing.

As a result the recommended equipment cleaning protocols and measures to be adopted by fencers and clubs have been updated and can be found here:

BF Return to Fencing – Equipment Cleaning Protocols v13th July 2021

It is expected that the information in this document will form part of mitigation planning within Club Risk Assessments.

In summary, based on current evidence the most important protocol to reduce transmission with any shared equipment or shared surfaces is for participants to regularly sanitise hands. Where this is implemented the following equipment can be shared without quarantining or disinfecting:

  • Jacket/ Breeches/ Plastron – good practice is that kit is clean and dry before use
  • Chest protectors
  • Lames – good practice is that kit is dry before use
  • Body Wires
  • Spools, scoring boxes, ground wires:
  • Weapons (metal or plastic) – consider using disinfection procedure on handles in same day, multi-user situations.
  • Coaching Plastrons /Sleeves


Shared Gloves remain an area of increased risk and we strongly recommended that fencers are advised to purchase their own gloves if they can. If gloves are to be shared they should be subject to a 3 day quarantine OR washed with detergent between use.

Shared Masks also present an increased risk – 3 day quarantine OR disinfection procedure (see here) – inside and out. Any removeable padding should also be washed regularly according to manufacturer instructions.

As a reminder, cleaning protocols are only one way to reduce risk as fencing restarts, and further adaptations and guidelines for clubs and members are published here.

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