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Off the back of yesterday’s announcement that the Individual European Championships will be held on 16-18th June 2023 in Plovdiv, the athletes selected are confirmed.

Late on 31/5/2023 the EFC announced that the 2023 Individual European Championships will be held on 16-18th June in Plovdiv. Please see this announcement here for details.

Given the nature of the event and the unprecedented timescales involved it has been decided that:

  1. All athletes that have been selected to fence in the European Games will automatically be selected for this European Championships.
  2. All athletes that have been selected for the World Championships (as at 1/6/2023, here and here) in July 2023 will automatically be selected for this European Championships.


The full list of athletes is:

ME         ANDREWS Benjamin Accepted

ME         BROOKE Alec Declined

ME         COOPER Matthew Accepted

ME         EAST William Accepted

ME         JOHNSTON Calum (NTR) Accepted


WE         CARON Julia Accepted

WE         LeBOR Hannah Declined

WE         SICA Susan Accepted

WE         SMITH-TAYLOR Katrina Accepted

WE         POWELL Alexandra (NTR 1) Declined

WE         LAWSON Danielle (NTR 2) Accepted


MF         ARCHER Kristjan Accepted

MF         COOK Jaimie Accepted

MF         DAVIS James-Andrew Accepted

MF         MEPSTEAD Marcus Accepted

MF         MINOTT Kamal  (NTR)


WF       BEARDMORE Kate Accepted

WF       CAMPBELL Yasmin Accepted

WF       STUTCHBURY Carolina

WF       TSANG Amelie Accepted


WS         CHART Maria Accepted

WS         DAYKIN Kate Accepted

WS         MAXWELL Caitlin Accepted

WS         POTTER Sophia Accepted

WS         CORBY Jessica (NTR)


MS         DEARY William Accepted

MS         HAYNES Luke Accepted

MS         HOWES Nicholas Accepted

MS         WEBB JJ Accepted

MS         MILLER Curtis (NTR 1)

MS         HALLIWELL Barnaby (NTR 2)

(listed by weapon then alphabetically by surname)

Updates and information for athletes, parents of U18s and coaches will be published here.


If, having read the post and the associated linked information, you have any questions about this post, please submit them to us via the form here, and an ADP team member will respond to you. Given the timescales we will be prioritising queries from the selected athletes (or their parents if U18) and there may be a delay in responding to other queries.


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