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European Zonal Qualifier Selections

BF announces the athletes selected to represent GBR at the European Zonal Qualifier event for Tokyo 2020.

Selections for the upcoming European Zonal Qualifier event for Tokyo 2020 have been made according to the criteria published in the Board approved Zonal Selection Policy.

These are now published (subject to the result of appeals).

Athletes selected:

Epee – Womens – SICA Susan Maria

Epee – Mens – MARSH Philip

Foil – Womens – CAMPBELL Yasmin

Sabre – Womens – MAXWELL Caitlin

Sabre – Mens – DEARY William


Explanatory Notes:

The selection panel applied the two selection criteria – 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 – to those athletes eligible to represent GBR at the Zonal Qualifiers.

For selection under criteria 6.2.1 an athlete MUST be ranked in the top 50 of the FIE World Rankings at 5th April 2021. There were no GBR athletes ranked in the top 50 and no further competitions scheduled – so no changes to the World Rankings would occur prior to 5th April.

Therefore criteria 6.2.2 applies. “The fencer with the highest ranking on the BF Adjusted Ranking List only including points awarded for competitions between 1st October 2019 and 5th April 2021 will be eligible for selection subject to fitness and being free from injury”

Selection did not take place in Men’s Foil as GBR is not able to send an athlete as a GBR athlete has already qualified.

The BF Adjusted Ranking Lists were published by BF here, following the final FIE ranking competitions.

The selection decision was made by the ADP GBR Selection Panel.

The selection was then approved by the CEO, after review with Mark Lyttle, Chair & Independent Board Director.



The BF Appeal Policy and Procedure published here sets out the framework process that will be followed. Note that timescales in item 6 will be significantly shortened due to proximity of selection to the dates of the event.  Athletes have 2 working days to submit their notices of appeal but are encouraged to contact [email protected] at the earliest possible opportunity to notify us of intention to appeal so we can factor this into the logistic planning (the squad travels in 3 weeks time).


Updated 1st April 2021 – Invitation from Organisers -received 1st April



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